Windows 10 Cloud will present on may 2. In the system requirements is OS Quad core CPU and 4 GB of RAM

In late January, we learned that Microsoft is preparing a new version of its current operating system. It will be called Windows 10 Cloud, but not cloud services will not have.

This name is chosen because of oblegchenno OS. In particular, it can run only apps Unified the Windows Platform, which significantly limits the application of the system. But to compete with Chrome OS, the new system must be suitable.

Among other things, Windows 10, Cloud should mean the ability to run on low-performance PC. And today, the Network appeared information about the minimum recommended system requirements operating system.

There are Quad core CPU (Celeron or better), 4 GB RAM, drive (fast eMMC or SSD) 32 GB (64 GB for the 64-bit version) and battery capacity up to 40 W·h.

To begin, we note that the recommended minimum requirements, that is, in theory, the OS should run on less powerful PCs. Secondly, it is not surprising Quad core CPU in this list. Here obviously refers to the processor family Bay Trail, Apollo Lake, and so forth, that is, the so-called «atomic» CPU. Of course, on the full dual core processor Windows 10 Cloud will work even better. Well, the indication of the battery capacity says that a new version of the OS is clearly aimed at the mobile PC.

It is also worth noting that Windows 10 Cloud could eventually appear on the market under the name of Windows 10’s, and the announcement is scheduled for may 2nd.

What is Windows 10 Cloud? For example, for the educational segment of the market, which is now ruled by the Chrome OS. At least this is true for the US, where in the educational segment, the share of this operating system in the past year rose to 58% off! While Windows and iOS 22% and 14% respectively. If you take the whole world as a whole, there is, of course, the situation is different: 65% for Windows and 17% for Chrome OS. But Lite free Windows 10 Cloud may take away from the Chrome OS certain market share, although the assets of the last gradual integration with Android, and this means a greater number.



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