White Deepcool Neptwin CPU cooler, which for four years had changed only the color

On the market server systems for a very long time and no prospect of change is stagnating. New WITH out infrequently, and often they are not much different from the old one. In fact, given all the more subtle processes and, consequently, lower power consumption and heat, particular need for revolution there.

The situation more than perfectly demonstrates the «new» Deepcool — Neptwin White. It’s exactly the same cooler, which was submitted more than four years ago without any design changes. Judging by the design and parameters of the fans, even they remained unchanged.

But the new version still generates interest, as painted white. Today to buy a white (mostly) motherboard without any problems. There are on the market and white card. But white CPU coolers is extremely small.

And in this case the device is really white, as this color is painted and the radiator, and the heat pipes and the fan is simply transparent.

As for parameters, they are, as already mentioned, has not changed. The chiller is designed for all current and not very processor sockets from Intel and AMD and is ready to cool down even a 150-watt CPU.

The cooler is equipped with two 120-mm fans, and one rotates with a constant speed of 1300 rpm, and the speed of another varies from 900 to 1500 Rev/min Maximum air flow reaches respectively 110 m3/h and 237 m3/h Dimensions of the device is 126 x 136 x 159 mm weight 1109 g



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