When buying a second smartphone Essential PH 1 the price is reduced to $299

Just a week ago we reported that the price of frameless smartphone Essential PH-1 decreased by $ 200 and now is $ 499 for US residents.

Now the developers are offering to purchase Essential Phone with additional $ 200 discount, i.e. for only $ 299. Two mobile will cost 798 dollars, while the initially announced price new was $ 699. For this you will need the code Friends & Family, which can be obtained in exchange for information about previously purchased smartphone the Essential PH-1.

Until November 15 you need to enter the link information such as email address, serial number and IMEI, as well as specify where it was purchased smartphone.

Discount can be used not only to acquire a second smartphone, but also to get your free camera 360 Essential, the standard price which is $ 199.



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