WhatsApp is preparing a new solution for business

WhatsApp company announced that it is testing a free application WhatsApp Business for small companies, and also the solution for large corporations, including airlines, banks or sites on Internet Commerce.

Companies can use the solution WhatsApp to send to your clients with useful notifications, for example, information about time of departure, notification of delivery, as well as other useful updates.

Why not use for these purposes the already existing WhatsApp? Because it is not ideal for business:

«We’ve heard stories from store owners who use WhatsApp to communicate with hundreds of their customers with a single smartphone, and also from people who were not sure whether the business is credible and can be trusted. In the coming months we will test new functions with the aim to eliminate these barriers and to simplify communication of our customers companies, if they want to chat using WhatsApp».

«We know that companies have many different needs. For example, companies want to have officially confirmed a WhatsApp account, so people can distinguish your company from the user; also companies need easier ways to reply to customers.»


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