What winter will be in 2018?

How often our plans, trips and activities collapse due to the vagaries of winter weather, which can change just a couple of hours. What will be the temperature outside and thank you blizzard, interested in how urban dwellers and rural.

Russians often criticize the meteorologists, who allegedly did not have the power to predict natural disasters. But it is worth considering the fact that all weather forecasts are built on a single, long-established principle. The main factors underlying the prognosis are solar activity and seismic performance.

If the meteorologists could more accurately recognize the approaching storm or snowstorm, but in recent times, even the most faithful indicators are not able to proactively identify dangerous situations.

What is the reason? Undoubtedly, great damage nature causes constant invasion of people in the natural course of processes occurring in the flora and fauna. Why are only the dispersal of clouds or testing the newest weapons.

Remember the summer storms, which were a complete surprise to many Russians. Then, seismologists are unable to identify in advance and to notify residents of dangerous areas of heavy rainfall and hurricanes, which resulted in great destruction.

In General, meteorologists give a recommendation to evaluate long-term forecasts and in advance to get the latest weather reports on TV, Internet or radio. After all, these media primarily inform the population about natural phenomena, especially in winter.

What will winter in 2018 in Russia?

The first winter frost, the Russians may feel in October. According to forecasts 2018 winter will come much earlier than usual. In some areas there can be serious frosts at night.

The European part of Russia will traditionally meet the winter a little later. In November you will finally be able to wear bought a coat or a jacket, protecting himself from the cold wind, and often breaking snow.

On assurances of weather forecasters, the winter of 2017-2018 don’t have to wait any anomalies and rare changes in temperatures. Throughout the country will be moderate, so to speak, a real Russian winter.

If we talk about the rainfall, so many may have noticed, every year snow is getting smaller. The long-awaited first snow quickly melted, but the present snow cover will have a long wait.

2018 winter precipitation is expected to be much smaller compared to previous years. So don’t delay, ski trips and winter activities with children, such opportunities this winter will not be enough.

In some regions characterized by lower temperature conditions. For example, in the Arkhangelsk region the winter will come much earlier than in Central Russia. In major cities of the region the temperature is slightly higher than in the field. It can even be a thaw, so be careful not only about the warm outerwear, but also about suitable footwear.

The forecast for the winter of 2017-2018 months

The warmest and most favorable periods of the winter will be mid-December 2017 and the first decade of February 2018. First snow fall in late autumn. Precipitation will be so strong that many people give the impression that winter has arrived. After a week or two the snow will melt and turn into mud and slush underfoot.

Many Russians would be interested to know what the weather is promised for December 31? Without snow and a slight frost this much-anticipated festival looks so magical and fascinating.

This year, as in many others, winter will hear our wishes and give snow on new year’s eve and on the holiday itself. The snow will be held in many Central regions of the country.

The thermometer for a Christmas party not to fall below -10 degrees. These frosts are expected in January on Epiphany and throughout February.

The forecast for December 2017

The first echoes of winter, the Russians will feel at the end of November. For many will be a real surprise to feel the outside temperatures to -9 degrees after a comfortable warm atmosphere in late autumn.

The Central regions of Russia will meet the end of November with heavy snow. But later the mood of the fans of snow winter will be marred by a short warming. To end the year with a slight cold up to -5 to -10 day and night and a little snow.

What to expect from the weather in January 2018?

January is the most awaited time of the year. Most of the month, Russians spend on so-called «winter vacation». This year they will last 10 days from Saturday 30 December to 8 January 2018.

A plan at this time, long trips, various events and meetings, so it is important to know in advance what the weather would be on the street.

The first decade of January will enjoy relatively warm weather -6-10 degrees without heavy rainfall and strong winds. Closer to the Baptism frosts will grow stronger until -20-25 degrees. This cold snap will last for 3 days, after temperatures in most regions will drop to -15.

It was in January we can expect large amounts of rain, so read short-term forecasts to avoid becoming a victim of winter collapses on the road.

Frosty Feb 2018

February is considered the coldest and windiest month. This year will be no exception. Forecasters predict temperatures in Central Russia to -25 degrees, which can last up to 2 weeks.

Later, the cold snap will change less sudden warming, which will give residents a comfortable temperature and moderate rainfall.

The big danger for health in February to strong and gusty winds that complicate even the short walk from here. Be prepared for such natural phenomena and refrain from distant trips.

The air temperature in Metropolitan areas and regions always varies by a few degrees. Big cities produce a huge amount of heat, which is well heats the lower layers of air.

Whatever the winter of 2017-2018, it should bring you many joyful moments. Winter is a great time for fun, happy holidays, walks in the fresh air with children and friends.

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