What will be this summer? The preliminary forecast for 2018

Summer is the most coveted and long-awaited season. Looking forward to it like children, still adults. Associated with summer trips to the sea and picnics, warm wind and summer rain, a bronze tan and the smell of flowers. The main signs of the onset of summer in the Central part of Russia is a high temperature, minimal rainfall and clear sky.

The time of onset of the summer stretched depending on the geographical location of certain regions of the country. Consistently warm weather can be hot in some southern regions in may. And northward, the warming comes as much to the middle of July. These areas all summer can save unstable weather. If to consider from the whole of Russia, the first signs of summer is already evident in late may. At this time in the South, the temperature may rise even up to 300C.

So in the summer to realize all the plans, you should be familiar with the long-term weather forecast. Absolute accuracy for such a long period can be expected, but General trends can be understood.

Perspectives from the weather center in the summer of 2018

Based on information provided by the competent authorities, summer will be not very hot. Also do not expect large amounts of rain. Above all, the thermometer rises in July. In addition, the maximum amount of rainfall will also take place in July. The General feeling is that the summer will be average, without anomalies.

To analyze the weather of the coming summer and building plans it is better to use monthly weather forecasts.

The weather in June 2018

This month the summer is just starting to gain momentum, so do not avoid clothing. Quite appropriate now even the cool rain in spring. For Russia this is a typical beginning of summer. Vividly the coolness felt in the dark when the sun has not yet risen above the horizon and warms the air and the ground. Mid-month, the day the air warms up to a maximum of 230C, and at night maximum temperature will be 140C. We can say that the indicators are in the comfort zone, but until the summer does not hold. At the end of the month, the temperature will reach 260S, 190S day and night.

June is good for Hiking and picnics. Night in the woods at this time may not be as pleasant. But good training and special equipment will allow to create suitable conditions.

July 2018

This month those who are waiting for the real summer heat, waiting for the reward. July is considered the hottest month and in 2018 he will not lose this title. However extreme heat is not expected.

The beginning of the month will be soft, just 270С. Already air, land and water in reservoirs is warmed up good enough in order to be able to start a full season. By the end of the month, the day the average temperature reaches 310С. During this period, even the coldest bodies of water adapted for swimming and will bring pleasure. For 2018 the peak of hot days will be the mark of 330С. To the equator the summer season, it is to be expected and even comfortable weather.

Weather in August

Last year the August heat was remembered by the Russians for a long time. 2018 will be merciful to the citizens and guests of the country. It will appeal to all moderate temperatures. Only at the beginning of the month are expected to be slightly to moderately hot days, the rest of the time the heat starts to go down and by the end of the period even become cool. If the day the temperature will still stay at 250C, the night is already more than 160C can be expected. Also August is famous for heavy rains that can spoil the vacation. In 2018 such problems, according to forecasts of weather forecasters, should not occur. Precipitation will fall moderately until the autumn will remain mostly dry weather. After the twentieth day is already showing signs of transition to a cooler season and from citizens will require the use of more warm clothes. Rare warm days will please the average for summer temperatures, and night will be cold.

Signs of people to help forecasters

Often to understand what will be the summer, people try for the winter months. If February turned out to be especially snowy, the summer will be rainy. If December was particularly frosty, the summer will come into its own since the early days and will be hot from the beginning. Previously, it was observed that the weather changes in February are related to the stability of the weather in August. And the brighter the temperature drops in February, more stable and warmer will be the last month of summer.

In the spring you should pay attention to the damage to the bark of birch: the more is formed at this point of the juice, dodlive will be summer. May storm without the thunder promise a dry summer. To determine the predictions of the weather will help the animals: if the spring spiders weave many webs, the summer will be hot and dry.

Focusing on the predictions of weather forecasters and folk superstitions, you can write your approximate schedule and the weather to get plans for trips and vacations.

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