What will be the spring of 2018?

Long cold winter is quickly bored. And it does not matter was whether this year’s snowy frosty weather or mud with slush. Heat want all and always. January and February 2018, as in previous years, will be marked by expectations of spring. How nice it would be to take off the heavy winter clothes and feel the breath of a warm breeze on my skin. Especially important good prognosis for gardeners, farmers, farmers and other workers in professions that depend on the weather. In addition, the occurrence of more warm and Sunny season has a huge impact on people who are prone to depression and are dependent on sunlight.

Of course, want to after the spring weather pleased all the early rays of the warm sun and good weather. But will do so in 2018? Learn this from a long-term reports, which forecasters with particular zeal amount for each month of spring. Unfortunately the absolute accuracy of predictions for such a long period can not be guaranteed, but the General characteristics of the weather of the coming spring is still available.

We can safely say that the weather is cooler than in previous years. The rains will be much greater, and the thermometer shows a few degrees less than usual during this period. Real heat can be felt if, in addition to try it for a few weeks. But this year even the coming of April and may does not guarantee complete change of warm season – you need to be prepared for sudden drops of temperature. In different regions the warming will come in due time. Farther North, the later we can expect heat. Monthly forecast suggests the average figures for the Central regions.

Weather forecast for March 2018

March is traditionally and quite naturally for the most part, Russia is the coldest month of spring. Still too early to stash warm clothes. The first week of the spring generally will not be felt. Despite the fact that the sun will appear more often and spend more time above the horizon, the temperature can not rise above zero even during the day. In this period fall a large amount of precipitation in the form of wet snow and rain. Now more than ever, useful waterproof shoes. On the roads you need to be careful, as the abundance of moisture and a little less on the surface create a slippery crust, which is dangerous both for pedestrians and for drivers. This period is the most dangerous in terms of viruses and colds. Is to attend to the prevention and to take vitamins.

The weather in April 2018

April will bring a welcome increase average daily temperatures and will allow the asphalt to dry. The temperature will surely reach 5 degrees plus during the day. Night minimum rate will be – 10C. Precipitation will fall less often. At the end of the month it will be possible to change the winter wardrobe for winter, as daytime temperatures will reach 16 degrees above zero. At night this figure will reach 50C.

Changeable may 2018

May surprise people in the country rapid changes in temperature. Despite the obvious change of season, the weather in this month will be unpredictable. The first day of the month will be even colder in April. The day temperature will fall to 70C. Weather forecasters promise that position until mid-may. Passed for its equator, may give Russians a real warmth. In the afternoon thermometers will show up to 20 degrees plus. The night will also be relatively warm to 14 degrees above zero.

Folk omens and weather

Those who do not trust weather forecasters can use people’s signs. No wonder the ancestors watched the changes in weather and drew Parallels with the manifestations of nature. They did it carefully, as it depended on the change of temperature and precipitation, and the modern devices for the study of natural phenomena did not yet exist. Among spring will have the following to say:

  • Larks, have returned Home, will bring warming.
  • The appearance of greenery and flowers especially promises increase in temperature.
  • If snowdrops spread the petals, the weather will be dry and warm if the flowers are closed, they feel the approaching cold.
  • Early in the wind and rain (mid-April) promises the return of cold weather.
  • Warm January kompensiruet cold chilly March.
  • If at the end of February there is a especially cold weather, then spring will come early March will be warm.
  • The abundance of icicles on the roofs and lampposts promises Sunny March, and the active melting of snow drifts.
  • If the Church calendar Orthodox Easter will come early, and spring this year will be early and warm.
  • The colder the winter, the nicer and sunnier days of spring will be.
  • If the fall before snow has covered the ground, then spring will come early.

Despite the fact that spring not only the heat from the first days, everyone is waiting for it eagerly. After all, with the change in the weather people have changes in life. I want to believe that warm days will come quickly, and changes in the lives will be for the best!

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