What to wear with tuxedo pants?

Fashionable closet is not necessarily a strict and elegant things exclusively for special events. Modern fashion in addition to style offers unmatched convenience and comfort, which like the majority of fashionistas.

Bright representative of such clothing is the tuxedo pants, which should be in the wardrobe of every girl, aspiring to be in the trend.

The first models of pants with vertical stripes of contrasting colors can be seen on the form of the military. Color stripes allowed to determine the kind of troops soldier. With a light hand of designers strips have become an essential part of sportswear and, later, the pants went smoothly and in the everyday women’s wardrobe.

Stripes this season have undergone some changes. Now vertical stripes located on the outside of the thigh and internal. Also models differ in color, width and height of the stripes, which plays a significant role in the creation of unique products.

Trendy models of tuxedo pants

Before you ask the question – what to wear with stripes – need to decide on a style of pants that suits you. Designers have taken care about almost all fashionistas, presenting a great variety of patterns – wide, narrow, long, short. Vertical bars fit almost all models of trousers, the only exception is the flare with which the effect of the stripes is lost.

Fashion designers offer the following current models of the stripes:

  • «on the floor» – submitted by pants Maxi length, with the hem almost dragging on the ground. That is why it must be worn with shoes with heels
  • truncated models – absolutely the antithesis of the guru of the fashion industry. Complement the bows in the style of a sports chic and casual. Under short stripes wear sports shoes or classic pumps.

  • wide stripes – appropriate romantic and business. Models can be long or short with the expanding canvas of the hip or knee.
  • denim stripes – stripes on the denim pants can be made from other material, leather, velvet, suede and adorned with rhinestones or lace. Especially popular are the skinny models and Boyfriends.

  • leggings and leather models – the choice of brave and confident girls who will appreciate the form-fitting style of these pants. When the stripes are the same color with the main product or are several shades.

When choosing leather pants or leggings, think carefully about the way, refusing things from catching décor and bright prints. So your outfit won’t look vulgar and looks great in everyday life.

What to wear with tuxedo pants

Pants with stripes – an insidious thing that can not only transform your bow, but also ruin it. It is therefore important to pay attention to the advice of stylists and pick up this article of clothing only the clothes and shoes that fit him harmoniously.

With heels

At first glance, to match the clothes that came to us from sport, it is necessary only with sports shoes, however, designers are suggested to wear under the tuxedo pants high heels. They look especially stylish with a wide and long pants, but sweat pants Adidas sports high heel shoes will look quite appropriate.

With sneakers

Undoubtedly, the shoes are exactly the shoes that it must be dressed under the stripes. For urban and everyday images, they are irreplaceable. The most spectacular is the combination of the pants with white sneakers that balance the complex image.

Crop top or t-shirt

The top is so versatile thing that it is worn with almost everything, with stripes, especially. In the images with models with a high waist top needs to be submitted to crop-top in white or other light shade.

Sweater or sweatshirt

In this combination there are no limits. Choose a sport or business models of stripes and combine them with knitted sweaters large or tight-knit, jerseys, or variants of Angora.

Jacket or tank top

Option for those fashionistas who have just started their experiments with stripes. At first it’s so hard to choose a harmonious top of the image, so the best that you can choose from the variety of clothing – a jacket, jacket or a classic solid color tank top. It’s a win-win, which always looks elegant and very feminine.

Pajama style

Total-bow in the pajama-inspired trend of this season. In this outfit you will feel comfortable in any situation, if you are still at home in comfortable and familiar surroundings. Pajama style is a classic underwear set stripes with warm, soothing shades.

Sport classic

Set with stripes not only on the pants, but the jacket looks like a classic version of the tracksuit. Bright representative of this style suits from Adidas, the symbolism of which exactly corresponds to the spirit and mood of fashionistas.

Mix and create

Combine the various garments with pants-stripes, without considering the recommendations of the designers. Stylish and modern looks combined stripes with a cap, bomber jacket, denim jacket, a top with sequins, silver or gold patches.

Stylish images with tuxedo pants

Stripes are not only diverse styles, but also colors, which can be very extravagant and unexpected.

With all the limitless imagination of designers there are several basic color options of tuxedo pants.

Neutral shades

Black pants with white stripes or Vice versa, a white model with black stripes appropriate in any way. They fit perfectly into the not-too-strict dress code, combined with pumps and a blouse in pastel shades.

Pay special attention to the width of the stripes on the pants. If you want to spice up your look with bright details, choose a model with wide stripes, and the classic business kit will stop your choice on a thin white almost invisible strip.

Saturated colors

For ambitious fashionistas, designers offer bright colors of tuxedo pants. They are relevant in the summer images, combined with a contrasting bright top. Red, almost scarlet, blue and yellow pants are underlined with expressive stripes of white or black.

Please note on models with colored stripes, where the stripes are just 2 or 3 shades. This combination looks spectacular on the trousers black or blue.

Pants with stripes – it’s new, massively not seen before, mix for fashionistas, ready for a stylish experience. They require careful thought of the image and a harmonious combination not only of styles, but shades of the outfit.

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