What to wear with shorts? 70+ stylish combinations 2018

As with any clothing, the shorts have many styles that it is a different look at the figures of women. How to choose and what to wear with shorts – the most pressing issue in anticipation of the summer season. We offer you the most popular models of shorts for men and more than 70 of the best combinations with this stylish garments.

Shorts wrongly considered to be exclusively a summer staple. Stylish model also calculated for the 2018 winter bows, ideally combined with Bonforte and high boots.

Trendy shorts 2018: what to wear

The shorts have an interesting and long history, starting with versatile work clothing. Subsequently, through the ideas of designers, they have become a stylish staple that is present in almost each girl.

On the other hand, it is believed that the shorts were «peeped» in tennis players and football players. They are so attracted to fashion, they began to wear them not only in sports training but for everyday walking, combining them with switchtime and t-shirts.

Contemporary shorts presented several main models:

  • classic
  • low and high waisted
  • boxer shorts
  • shorts-skirt and other

Expanded list of material for sewing shorts. Now girls available to denim, knitwear, leather, etc.

What to wear with denim shorts

Denim shorts – the most versatile clothing with which you can create simple bows on each day.

With a t-shirt or top

Top white and bottom blue denim – a win-win for most fashionistas. This combination is classic and looks appropriate in all situations.

If the image will seem too boring, you can throw on the shoulders of a denim jacket or a vest decorated with rhinestones and large beads.

With tights


Can I wear shorts with tights? Some believe this combination is quite reasonable, others, on the contrary, a vulgar and a little «village».

Stylists put all points over «i» and presented to the public combinations of tight shorts and dark tights. It is an indispensable combination for autumn and winter bow. Tights elongate the leg, especially if they are made with some effect (for example, reflections).

With a blouse and a shirt

Choosing a blouse or a shirt under denim shorts, give preference to bright shades. For example, with jeans looks good lemon yellow or crimson.

If you want to look unique and stylish in summer seasons, you just can not do without a transparent blouse or shirt. Lightweight silk chiffon with a slight transparent effect – trend 2018, which will be appropriate in any manner.

Summer outfit with denim shorts definitely need to accessorize – large pendants made of wood, a woven belt or bracelet on the wrist.

With jacket

One model of denim shorts can become the main element of several images. If you combine a classic jacket in black, blue or white color, then you’ll have almost a formal look, with a touch of ease and personal style. Thus take care of the footwear (pumps or platform sandals) and accessories (clutch or handbag on a chain).

For everyday image, select a jacket made from more affordable materials. Can with embroidery or prints. Shoes such outfits will fit the rough boots on a tractor sole ankle boots in suede or sandals with straps.

With the jumper

For pleasant summer walks and shopping trips are perfect combination of shorts with a boxy jumper. In this outfit easily and comfortably. Try not only the classic sweater, but the model oversize. The latter is better to wear denim shorts with high waist.

With switchcom

The combination of shorts and sweatshirt – comfortable semi-sports bow, which always looks stylish. Under this set easy to match your shoes. It can be sneakers, shoes or arrowroot. Some ladies choose a more classic – boots or high boots.

Classic shorts: what and how to wear

Classic short suitable for sober images, not just business. In this outfit you’ll be able to appear at any event where there is a minor dress code.

Classic shorts can be divided into 2 groups:

  • dark

Combined with a contrast top blouse Nude, peach, white. It looks set with a striped or plaid shirt Baykova. Dark brown shorts look good with shirts off Nude and beige with small print.

  • bright shorts

They should be worn with blouses in bright and warm shades of white or Nude. Or, conversely, to emphasize the contrast of colors, selecting as a top or a blouse or top in black, dark blue, gray. On top of blouses you can throw a jacket or long shirt.

White shorts – an incomparable option for outdoor summer onions. Fashionistas offered a variety of models – short, lace, with floral prints. They need to combine with delicate airy tops or shirts original shades.

Skirt-shorts: best combination 2018

Fashion never ceases to surprise us trendy innovations. This time the designers have presented new models that can be considered a hybrid of modern classical skirts and shorts.

With a skort you can create a semi-sports bow and outfit more feminine character. In the first case, the complement to the image will be sneakers, sneakers, sweaters or oversized sweatshirts, and the second light blouses, tops, high-heeled sandals, drawstring, knee-length, accessories.

What combination of shorts with high waist

The Empire waist is the best option for slender girls. They visually enlarge the hips and tighten the figure. To select the top for these shorts is very easy, it can be loose or tight.

Choose a few options available of blouses, shirts or t-shirts, fitted tops, cropped or classic, jumpers or fitted shirts.

In your wardrobe is all in order to create a stylish and attractive bow with shorts of various styles. Agree, tops, shirts and blouses are every girl. More for fashion shorts 2018 is not necessary.

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