What to wear with jeans? Fancy trendy looks 2018

Today jeans are present in every girl’s wardrobe. This practical and versatile garment retains its relevance for many decades. Denim pants prefer a bold beauty with high expectations to his image, so quiet and demure, wishing to keep up with fashion and to be a part of it at least minor detail.

Anyway, the jeans were and will be most sought after clothing fashionistas of all ages.

Over the long history of denim and many girls have not learned how to choose a top to wear with jeans. Most often they opt for the first available under the hand of the stuff that is even remotely in harmony with the pants by color or style.

We offer you a permanently put an end to this matter and dismantle the most successful combination of stylish jeans with other items of clothing.

What to wear with jeans in 2018

No denim is a must for every fashion season. The designers experiment with colors, decor style and of course, take fashion to the original models for any figure and taste.

What to wear with jeans with a high waist

Models of such a plan, creases, smoothness, and naturalness of the female form, hide minor flaws in the buttocks and waist. The Empire waist looks great on girls with a figure «a triangle» or «hourglass».

For a stylish evening look with those jeans, choose a casual shirt cut from breathable linen, cotton or a bike. Also attractive it will look combined with an oversized sweater, a turtleneck, a blazer, jacket or cardigan with slim small viscous.

For business image, get top more concise and calm shades. A model with a high waist matched with white shirt or cream-colored sweaters or switchtime. Shoes, choose sandals or shoes with heels.

For stylish casual outfits complement jeans bright accessories – suspenders, variegated hues, straps. As a shoes – ballet flats or shoes with flat soles.


The girls with perfect waist and the figure should pay attention to the lace tops, which, combined with high-waisted pants look incredibly elegant and feminine.

What to wear with jeans boufendi

Despite the loose-fitting boyfriend jeans look better on slender girls. The owners of lush buttocks and waist should wear the classic models for example bell bottoms.

Boyfriend jeans – a bright representative of men’s fashion. The model name speaks for itself – they were filmed with a guy, so looks are clearly not in size.

In the new season of the classic boyfriend transformirovalsya in overalls, which are combined with fur and leather vests, shirts in a small cage or a tank top.

Rude provocative way to emphasize elements of the male wardrobe: a t-shirt, shirt with cuffs or original collar, bomber. The quality of the shoes, choose shoes or sneakers on the platform.

For an everyday outfit pick an elegant blazers, stilettos or heels. Baggy cut jeans combine style and comfort, so they are often combined with a comfortable, tight fitting tops or t-shirt, grubby jeans tucked in.

What to wear with skinny jeans

The popularity of skinny diminished somewhat this season, however, it does not hurt to wear them fashionistas who want to emphasize her perfect figure. Lots of colors skinny skinny attracts the attention of girls, tired of the usual blue denim.

Skinny dark colours make the figure look more slender, and the model with the stitches and pockets reduces the area of the buttocks. Fans ultraorthodoxy skinny should have a fitted blazer or jacket, a tunic, a t-shirt with a drape or a square neckline. Shoes, select boots or classic boots.

Too narrow bottom needs to balance the voluminous top, it folds or draperies. It is best for this fit shirts and blouses in the Empire style, t-shirts of free cut. For jeans wear the shoes to go low – summer sandals, boots without heels, boots in winter.

More rowdy and relaxed will result in the combination of skinny with long, ruffled tops, sweaters decor throughout. Scarves scarves casually draped over their shoulders, would be the best addition to this outfit.

What to wear with ripped jeans

Gorgeous model with the most unimaginable décor and suit almost everyone – from young fashionistas to elegant business woman. Audacity images added acid and neon colors models.

Wear ripped jeans on her naked body. In any case, do not wear them fishnet stockings or tights, no matter how stylish they may be. This is the height of tastelessness and vulgarity.

To create a harmonious image, choose a top with decorative pockets, bright floral prints and other jewellery. Very impressive looking blouses with pleated or decor from the pen of grid. Also on trend prints with ethnic, techno or floral elements. In cool weather, throw over a blouse shirt or a long tunic or sweater.

Stylish rock and Grand images are complemented by leather jackets, t-shirts freely cut, blouses and t-shirts with asymmetric decoration of the rivets or spikes. As a Shoe, ripped jeans, you can choose ballet flats, loafers or moccasins. Snudy, scarves or shawls are also appropriate in this manner.

What to wear with flared jeans

Flare jeans are back to conquer world’s catwalks. In the new season, the style model has not changed, suggesting minor changes in the form of a more vibrant decor.

Bell bottom jeans combined with almost any clothing and shoes. They look perfect with the shoes platform sandals the tractor sole, clogs or platformname. But an instant classic remains the pointed shoes, which fits in with any business dress code.

As a top wear silk blouses or shirts freely cut. Impressive and stylish looks the combination of bell-bottomed trousers with denim shirts original shades such as aquamarine or Indigo. For light images, choose a coat, jacket or stylish tops, align them inside.

Flared jeans an essential element of the images in the Greek or boho style. «Arm» baggy shirts or linen tunics, clothes with ethnic embroideries, knitted transparent tops. With such a wardrobe of stylish the image you provided.

Jeans will help you out in any situation. However, creating a correct image, you need to think about the top, the accessories and shoes to your outfit. Each model of denim trousers individual and combined it with the rest of the clothes based on the rules time-tested. Follow the tips presented in the article, and you will always look stylish and exceptional.

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