What to wear with high boots?

High boots universal shoes, which is indispensable for the autumn and winter images. They were originally the prerogative of the male wardrobe. A low heel is allowed to fix the leg of the rider in the stirrups, while the front part of the shaft was above the back and covered the knees of the trooper.

Today the rough cut men’s boots changed and softened, becoming an indispensable attribute of the female outfits.

High boots are very comfortable for winter onions, they are ideal to protect the legs from cold, wrap them with care and comfort. If correctly to pick up them clothes and accessories, your outfit will not remain without attention.

Undoubtedly, the shoes should be in harmony in color in the clothing, creating a complete ensemble, therefore, it is important to know what and how to wear boots.

Extra-long model of boots not only emphasize the beauty of the legs, but the body overall, so they must be combined with short-cut things. When creating the image focus on the sophisticated silhouette, paying attention to the beautiful and graceful lines.

Boots make the legs more slender, graceful and attractive. They can be high heel, without him, on the platform or wedge heels. Strive for the perfect balanced silhouette uncluttered and bright decor.

Shoes with small heel black color blends perfectly with almost any outfit. Particularly impressive look such a kit with asymmetric cut dresses, knitted patterns with large patterns.

The best combination for casual and business images – high boots, a strict skirt or classic suit.

Speaking of tall boots, not to mention boots, which are a synonym of elegance and unsurpassed style. They perfectly complete the look with mini-dresses in classic, disco or rock style. Either option will look great.

What to wear with high boots

High boots – this is a decoration and the main focus of the image, so it is important to consider the rest of its details. A variety of styles, material and colours allows to match them with many items everyday wardrobe, every day creating unique bows.


Under the tall boots fit the classic pencil skirt, model, trapezoidal, semi-circular or elegant. Length can be above or below the knee.

The skirt hem should cover the top part of the boot, otherwise the space formed between the top and bottom of the image will visually shorten your legs. This rule applies to skirts MIDI length.

As for mini-skirts, then there are no limits, on the contrary, the combination «high boots-mini» looks more impressive and attractive.


To create the image of an attractive rock star, stylish, free of any claims, will allow leather mini skirts with abundance of decoration in the form of rivets, zippers and other metal accessories. If you are a lover of experiments, you can do versatile denim skirt.


Skinny jeans, tights and leggings are exactly those models, which are ideally combined with high boots. Other styles – Boyfriends, ripped – absolutely not with them in harmony. Paired with botfortas most effectively look leggings in dark colors.

As a top image, select oversized sweater, fitted t-shirt, top or tunic.


No women’s closet is not complete without elegant dresses. The winter season is not a reason to dress in warm trousers, you can always choose stylish knit dress of any length and texture.

High boots look best in a set of knitted knee length dress. The style should be simple and closed, without unnecessary decoration and fanciful patterns. Very feminine and sophisticated looks blend knitted sweater dress with botfortas-stockings.


Boots are selected primarily under the clothing. This is the main ensemble of the winter season. What jacket or coat to choose to look stylish and harmonious?

Choosing a coat with high boots, note the flared and straight styles. Product length should not be below the knees. Valid slightly elongated outerwear, covering the top of the boots.

High boots worthy of a look even with short jackets. The only condition is a harmonious color combination. Need to pick up a hat and accessories to match the shoes. If the boots are made bright decor, outerwear needs to be more discreet. Very impressive is the way the pattern on the boots, which continues to ornament handbags.

Classic style with high boots, cropped outerwear. You can choose a short fur jacket to the waist or outerwear medium-long.

Try to choose clothing that harmonizes with the shoes. Do not have to look identical in color, quite small differences in a few shades.

High boots: what not to wear

High boots, especially boots is a controversial garment. So if you want to create a harmonious image, it is necessary to know not only what they wear, but keep in mind things absolutely not compatible with them.

High boots are inappropriate in the romantic images, so do not wear them with a Flirty lace dresses, skirts-pleated models, decorated with flounces, ruffles.

With caution to the selection of high Shoe, warm shorts. For business image, note the tweed or woolen shorts more restrained styles without flashy decor. Patent leather high models banned.

Totally inappropriate is the combination of high boots, classic trousers with arrows. Do not try to combine them, especially tuck pant legs into boots.

Speaking of outerwear, should abandon coats and coats to toe. A fashionista, of course, think differently and become a spectacular expensive fur coat and hide under it no less attractive boots.

The selection process of high boots is so unique that you can easily adjust the recommendations of stylists with an eye to its shape, height and preferences. It is important to feel the General mood of fashion, not to neglect the principles of building a harmonious image, which is largely based on the laws of proportion and moderation.

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