What to wear with espadrilles in new season?

Espadrilles is a stylish and comfortable shoes, the advantages of which have already been appreciated by numerous fashionista. Initially these shoes were designed for surfers, but their comfort allowed them to become shoes for every day.

Qualitative models are flexible and soft soles and smooth seams. Be sure to check the site of the junction of the soles with the cloth. There are fixing materials must be particularly robust. Only those pairs that meet these criteria will be comfortable to sit on the foot.

The advantages of slip-on shoes

Espadrilles are available in all sorts of colors. This makes it easy to find a match for most things out of the closet. Such shoes lightweight, it can be worn on bare foot and socks. Specific feature is the absence of any buckles and lace up Them simple to put on and take off. The shape of the upper part of the combined provides comfort even feet with very high instep, big width or Vice versa unusually narrow foot. Petite feet in these shoes will retain its charm.


The original espadrilles are made of canvas. Later in the course went cotton, jeans, leather and even fur. In the center or on the sides of the insert pieces of elastic material in order to foot faster and easier to slip inside.

The sole is usually made of rubber. It is particularly thick or even a platform. Classic version – white sole. But the footwear lines new designers can meet varieties with colored wedgies.

Combination with espadrilles

Obvious seems to be the combination of these shoes with jeans. But to create harmony it is necessary to pay attention to all the details of the image. Very impressive in the ensemble the look of cropped jeans or rolled-up model. It denim pants allows you to wear any shade of espadrilles. And black shoes of this style will perfectly complement any image. To diversify the onion will help all kinds of prints and stripes on the shoes.

Light and comfortable Slippers are great for different denim and leather overalls. Such a bow no one would dare to call boring. Black plain trousers are a good company for bright leopard espadrilles. This top also needs to be solid, calm color. Body shapeless bag or backpack will complete the look. The unexpected can show the experiment on the combination of business suit and espadrilles. With proper attention to detail, this ensemble can be quite harmonious.

In the summer of of such footwear combined with shorts of any length. Do not forget to play with prints. Better if the variegated color will only have one item from the bow. The new season trends allow you to wear espadrilles with geometric, animal and floral print. Also true look of metallic colors. Do not forget about the classics: black, white and red are always in trend. Hence the shoes of these colors will be relevant in 2018.

Espadrilles with a skirt is a winning option. Bright the fabric of the skirt will balance the calm shades of gray on the Shoe. If the skirt is black, it will fit any Slippers. Fashionistas should pay attention to the combination of slip-on shoes with a pencil skirt. Most effective this combination looks in the ensemble with volume top. Goes with sweatshirts, bomber jackets, chunky knit sweaters. If you decide on the red shoes is difficult, it may be red skirt. Extravagant and impressive looks, this skirt combined with the leopard on the espadrilles, and a black top.

Approximately according to the same principles select dresses. Espadrilles will help you to create the style of sport-chic knitted patterns or casual with a dress shirt. Of course, the evening dresses look funny with the shoes, but it is perhaps the only exception. All other models are in harmony with these Slippers.

In the cold season should pay attention to leather or suede models. Wear them under pants combined with coats, thick jackets, and trench coats. Espadrilles negate the aggressiveness of leather black leather jackets. In combination with models on the platform jacket can be worn for meetings with friends or trips to the cinema. If the girl still woke up a rebellious mood, rock studded jewelry will help her to complete the aggressive bow. To complement such a way jeans, skinny, boyfriend, leather leggings or a leather pencil skirt.

In the warm season, we will become models of espadrilles with perforation. And the light shoes will be blown. In the summer the top will be white and gold model. They will be combined with the airy sundresses and light flying dresses. Perforation is not only practical value, but also becomes a decorative element. Using the holes in the designers form a pattern on the upper of the Shoe.

In a separate category should include espadrilles with animal prints. They perfectly harmonize with any garment. It is important not to overload the image with other bright patterns. If completely covered with scales or spots Slippers seem too pretentious, you can choose a model where print is embellished with only the nose or heel.

The specifics of wearing espadrilles

There is a perception that short ladies should avoid such shoes. This is due to the flat soles flattened shape. If you want you can create an image that will be loved by the girl slip-ons without negative effects. For a start, you should pay attention on the model with a wedge heel. This cunning move will add the missing inches of growth. Visually lengthen the legs will help narrow pants in the same tone with the shoes. If the perfect matching shades was not achieved, it is necessary to stop the choice on a combination of light with light or dark with dark.

Also it should be clarified that not all models allow for the wearing of the sock. For example, gold and silver slip-ons look ridiculous in combination with socks. It is better to do without them or use the podslednika. Rubber outsole can create a number of trouble for those who dare to wear slip-on shoes without a sock. Here, the sweating and the unpleasant smell. Therefore, most models still allow a low wearing plain socks. Lovers of the bizarre images it may be advisable to use socks as a Central element. Vibrant colour should be decorated with accessories or a bag. But the shoes in this aged in neutral shades.

This nation-wide love for espadrilles due to the comfort and versatility of the Shoe. The stylistic versatility of Slippers requires that in every fashionista’s wardrobe would be at least one such pair.

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