What to wear with denim jacket?

The denim jacket has been for several decades at the peak of popularity among fashionistas of all ages. This unique elected thing will never go out of fashion.

Despite its relevance, the question of what to wear with a denim jacket, is still open.

Offer forever to deal with this problem together with our stylish review.

A bit of history

Without knowledge of the origins of this fashionable and actual things will be difficult to understand what and how to combine dzhinsovki.

As with any thing from denim jackets were initially solely working clothes.

Such obvious popularity among the workers motivated designers of the time to create daily and even festive styles of jinsook.

The first model was presented by the heirs of legendary designer, the founder of the Levi’s brand Levi Strauss.

The presentation took place in 1910, which is considered the beginning of the era of denim jackets and denim monoloco in General.

One of the first models were made in the form of a jacket-shirt with a V-shaped line of stitching. It was decorated with a decor in the form of the oversized patch pockets at the top and bottom of the product.

This style to date is the most successful and relevant. Later, the denim jacket has been subjected to a variety of fashionable changes.

Products denim was embellished fur collars, decorated with inlays of silk, wool, knitted and crocheted items.

Such an «upgrade» of jinsuke drew the concerned glances as simple fashionistas and celebrities.

The actual styles of denim jackets

Before you start to think about fashionable bow with a denim jacket, decide the model, which in large quantities offers the modern fashion.


The classic style is a jacket of medium length. Traditionally, the thing decorated with patch pockets, stiff collar and a buttoned placket with buttons along the entire length.

Shorter style – female version, which most beneficial to look at the summer images. The short model combined with lush chiffon or pleated skirts, fitted knit dresses.

The extended model can be straight cut or slightly flattering girls. Some models are fitted with a rubber insert in the belt or the hood.

The combo style is a combination of denim with other materials. Inserts can be made in the form of lace, leather, stripes, embroidery.

They are located most often on the sleeves, sides or back of the product.

Coloured denim jacket – this product is made not in the usual blue, white, black, pastel shades.

This color scheme is perfect for office and casual summer looks.

What to wear with denim jacket?
Jean monoloc

The combination of denim jacket and jeans looks very not similar and boring as it seems at first glance.

It is important to choose a denim jacket hem, which differ in color.

Prefer contrasting shades. For example, white or blue jacket looks better with jeans dark blue or black.

Under the jacket wear a light knit t-shirt or tank top.

Shoes can be any shoes, sneakers, flats, low heels, boots, or stiletto heels.


For office and business Luca denim jacket will fit knit or leather skinny pants.

A popular combination that you can think of is khaki pants and a denim jacket of any color.

In the spring and summer season, replace the tight pants on the model of light natural fabrics in pastel shades.

More vivid and really summer work images, combining red pants, yellow, Burgundy, turquoise and other shades.


To emphasize the legs of the girl and create easy, relaxed feel will allow a combination of leggings and a cropped or classic jackets. The color scheme of the top does not matter.

Under the jacket wear a long shirt or tunic with delicate embroidery and decoration.


The new season is particularly important combination of trendy lace dresses, emphasizing femininity and grace of girls, and extended dzhinsovki, reaching mid-thigh.

On the background of the virile jacket and lace bodycon knit dress look even more romantic. Complete your look with black shoes heels or pumps with delicate hues.

The denim jacket fits perfectly in the image of the long dress «in a floor» or flare beach sundress.

Model with bright décor, patch pockets and interesting accents will balance your look. So this season, don’t be afraid to fill up your closet extravagant styles of denim jackets decorated with rhinestones, embroidery and Antiques.

Dzhinsovka and skirt

It is hard to imagine a more gentle and beautiful way, than a short jacket with a flowing long skirt.

In this set silhouette of a girl visually, in the sky, the waist line becomes more expressive.

This way universal and should be in the wardrobe of every girl. The extended skirt can be replaced on the mini and MIDI models, which in combination with the denim jacket look amazing.

MIDI length compensates for the low growth of the girls will give the image more of aristocracy.

The most popular considered to be mini skirts and classic models to the knees. Combination with skirts of these styles is beneficial fits the shape, are not visually cuts the length of the legs, which is unacceptable for petite girls.

Dzhinsovka and shorts

Short shorts in cotton or denim in summer images, are usually combined with jackets, blouses or tops. But during the evening cold weather outerwear denim will be very helpful.

The cropped shorts look beautiful with non-traditional cut jackets with jeans and antiquities.

But classical dzhinsovka will not remain without attention. Look looks like a mix of knit, leather shorts podvorotni, models just above the knee with uppers of denim.

What not to wear with gensoukai?

Absolutely universal things guru of the fashion industry not yet invented, and even so indispensable a thing as a denim jacket has no stylistic limitations.

Denim jacket is not recommended to combine:

  • with strict business pants
  • office styles of skirts (for example, pencil skirt)
  • with dense wool and knitted dresses

Such combinations are considered to be bad manners and not look harmonious.

If in your wardrobe there is no jacket out of denim, it’s time to fill it this stylish and versatile thing. Dzhinsovka can be a basic thing in your images, indispensable for creating fashionable bows for every day.

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