What to wear with brooch?

For a long time, brooches were associated with retro and vintage outfits. But time goes by, and fashion is slowly returning. In particular, brooches now among the most fashionable accessories. They are chosen not only bright representatives of show-business, but also girls who are addicted to fashion and follow the fashion industry. How to wear brooches to look stylish, read on.

The types of brooches

Today there is a wide variety of brooches in many different shapes and styles. This is not surprising because designers are constantly experimenting with materials for manufacturing. Due to this, the collections are always something new, interesting and original.


Brooch in the form of pins always enjoyed great popularity. This is not surprising because this accessory is very convenient and practical. Besides, its appearance can be changed independently, adding interesting details. For example, a variety of chains and small pendants to brooches is a great alternative to large goods. Also instead, you can add a flower or a miniature bouquet of tameran. It looks very cute and feminine.

As for trendy combinations, it is best brooch pin looks as additions to simple everyday looks. Due to this, they look more elegant.


These are the products most often chosen aristocrats. In fact they are often decorated with precious or semi-precious stones. Due to this, their cost is quite high. Of course, to wear such products should be only on a special occasion. For example, to visit a celebration or a very important event.

However, there are more budget options. They are made of felt. And the costume is decorated with pearls or beads, beads, and even sequins. These accessories look no worse and unlike the previous version are perfect for everyday images.

Brooch needle

Less popular is a brooch in the shape of a needle. Many argue that it is not too comfortable to wear. But at the same time, it looks very easy and sophisticated. Why is perfect not only for everyday life but also for an evening out. After all, there are luxurious options with stones, which are presented even in jewelry stores.

How to wear brooches: basic rules

First and foremost it is worth noting that to date, it is not necessary to create a retro image to Supplement it with a brooch. Stylists offer to combine incongruous, so in some cases, the brooch would be appropriate to look even in the way with boyfriend jeans and a bomber jacket. But in this example, every detail is important, so we should not blindly make such simple, at first glance, images.

Nevertheless, we recommend you choose the brooch as the only major accessory in the image. Earrings and rings should not be too much to stand out against its background. Otherwise it looks ridiculous.


In any case it is not necessary to combine such a luxurious accessory with clothes, which is decorated with embroidery, large beads, rhinestones or sequins. It looks ridiculous, so just don’t decorate your way.

It is best to choose a fairly simple image, consisting of short, sometimes even low-key clothes. Due to this brooch will look more beneficial and perfectly accentuate your sense of taste. If desired, such image can be supplemented with a bag, shoes or tippet. But they should be in one color with the main accent brooch.

Don’t forget that the brooch will attract attention, so attach it is to the area where you plan to focus.

Many women make a mistake when they think the brooch is suitable only for slender girls. Of course, this myth was previously very popular. But today it is believed that this accessory is suitable for everybody. However, you need to choose the most appropriate form. So a full ladies should look for rounded products. And slim you can even choose the unusual shape of the brooch.

What better to combine a brooch?

Before such products are often combined with coats, jackets or dresses. But in the modern world it is not necessary to comply with such restrictions. Moreover, now you can see a rather unusual combinations. For example, the brooches on belts, shoes and even underwear.


Of course, the dress is the main weapon of every woman. Even by choosing the easiest option, it still will feel at altitude. As for combinations, it is best brooch comes to dresses, robes, as well as to the classic fitted design.

In addition, depending on the area that you will decorate with a brooch to create emphasis in the image. If you pin it at the bottom of the neckline, the emphasis will be on bust. Summer dress or sundress is decorated in the middle of the bodice. This will make it more elegant. Fixing the brooch on the belt, you visually will focus on the thin waist.

Blouses and shirts

One of the most popular combinations is a blouse or shirt with a brooch. Especially often it is put right under the collar, that looks very stylish. This option is suitable even for office dress code.

Blazers and jackets

The combination of a jacket or coat with a beautiful brooch is a classic that always looks elegant and feminine. But by choosing this option, pay attention to proportion. Brooch should not be too small or large compared to the lapel.


In the autumn and winter season very popular feminine coat. If you prefer a stylish monochrome options, the decor in the form of brooches would be especially appropriate. But try to find it in the same style. As for color, it can match or be contrasting. It all depends on preference.

Brooch – a really stylish, luxurious accessory that should be in every woman regardless of age!

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