What to wear with boots? Cool mix in 2018

The opinion of many girls unwittingly falls for the boots, which for several seasons are among the leaders of fashion preferences. However, until now, some ladies are not refreshing your closet this shoes only because I don’t know how to combine it.

The long boots was considered vulgar and the slutty shoes, which often chose girls of easy virtue. But despite this, the long boots look quite affordable and blend well with many wardrobe items.

Regarding jackboot, there are no strict prohibitions. The only recommendation that it is better to listen – not to wear long boots with revealing outfits, and ultra-short dresses and skirts.

The optimal length of classic jackboot – just above the knees, but apart from them there are many other models that differ in height, style and material.

How to choose boots?

Model number treads wider than many imagine. In addition to the classic boots above the knees 2-3 inches, fashionistas are offered such options as form-fitting, with heels, without heels, free boots-stockings, boots, Maxi with various forms of sock – square, sharp, round, decorated with lace, fittings, chains, etc.

Also boots differ in material. It can be made of suede, textile, leather, etc.

Remember that the painted models look impressive only on the catwalks, in urban conditions, these boots will be inappropriate.

Boots without heels: what to wear

Models without a heel visually make the legs shorter so they will fit tall girls extra inches to anything. The best combination that can be achieved with the shoes is wool or knit dresses, skirts, leggings or skinny jeans. Boots without a heel may be the highlight of the image in the style casual, as perfectly in tune with well-fitting jeans, a sweater with a large viscous or a shirt.

Sweater dress and boots

Choose dresses in pastel colors, preferably without a pattern. The best option would be brown, gray, white, black dresses.

If boots decorated with folds or a free cut, then style of dress should be more tight. Conversely, if you chose the tight narrow boots, the top needs to compensate for this spacious style.

Mini skirt and boots

Incredibly stylish looks the combination of jackboot with a mini skirt with a boxy fit. Combine these shoes with a circle skirt, flared, a-line, Tulip. In winter and autumn wear knitted and woolen models, in summer, the lighter chiffon, denim, etc.

The top of the outfit should be form-fitting. Slim fit t-shirt, Polo, turtleneck, short jacket with shirt.


Denim pants and boots

This combination of a selection. The only model which blends perfectly with botfortas is skinny jeans. With a fitted straight style, they accentuate the legs, making them slimmer.

In no case do not wear boots with jeans the oversized, boyfriend or breeches, otherwise your image will look too heavy and tasteless.

Leggings and boots

This combination will help out those girls who are unhappy with the shape of their feet and tried his best to hide this shortcoming. They no doubt can use this win-win kit for stylish autumn and winter images.

The top of the dress should be lengthened. Choose a cardigan, tunic, sweater or bodycon dress in cool shades. If you wish, focus on the waist by a belt or strap.

Boho style with botfortas

The model design is very impressive looking with clothes in boho style. Choose light, layered outfits with floral or ethnic prints and adds to their classic bottomtime.

Don’t forget about accessories, which is unthinkable without Bohemian style. Use braided belts, jewelry, bracelets and other jewelry.

Outerwear and boots

Boots without a heel look good with a coat in military style, short leather or suede jackets, fur coats with different length of fur, etc. the only Exception is outerwear in the floor.

Boots heels: what to wear and how to wear

Model on the heel is a godsend for low girls who want to look a little higher and therefore more elegant and feminine. You should not choose boots with high heels too. In such shoes you will tire quickly and find a suitable outfit to them is much more difficult.

Dress and boots with a heel

The height of the dress needs to be selected in such a way that its edge just covered the top of the boots. If you decide to combine the treads on the heels with a mini skirt or dress, then stop your choice on a more than modest models with sleeves and a minimum of decoration.

It is desirable that the top of the outfit was made of wool, tweed or knitted fabrics.

Cardigan and boots on the heels

A longline sweater or cardigan will not look less attractive than the dress. Sweater leggings choose dark colors or opaque tights in the tone of the jackboot.

Skirt and boots with a heel

Boots is better to wear with skirts of medium length, slightly which will close the top of the treads. Do not try to create a stylish and harmonious outfit with a short skirt or a model in the floor. This combination will look ridiculous and not appropriate.

Boots heels very stylish and affordable look with skirts, A-line, trapeze, flared. For business image, select a pencil skirt or straight cut model.

How to achieve the right combination

A variety of styles, colors, modern clothing may confuse inexperienced fashionistas, so here are some tips, following which you will be able to choose the most appropriate model jackboot.

  • boots are best combined with modest clothing in the urban style, feminine dresses, cardigans and other items purely of a girl’s wardrobe
  • tights under the boots should be chosen to match the boots. They should be medium density. Not allowed to wear boots with fishnet stockings.

  • choose from suede, textile or leather. Patent leather boots look too provocative.
  • boots and shorts – a dubious combination, but if you still want to wear this outfit, you should choose a loose model with a high waist made of wool, tweed or knit
  • to botfortas classic shades – black, brown, grey, easier to pick the top, so give preference to these colors

Remember, ideal boots should not «sink» in the foot, the free models are also invalid.

Boots are a versatile footwear which was in oblivion for a long time. If you want to look really stylish and attractive even in the cold season, then take a look at this affordable shoes that can diversify any plain, casual look.

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