What to wear with bomber? The options of styles, decor and combine

In the beginning of the last century there appeared original and practical bomber jacket, which was designed to protect members of the Aero club brothers Douglas from the cold and wind. In an open cockpit such clothing was a godsend. The novelty has received its name from the word «bomber» and even attracted the us air force.

Over time jackets appeared in the casual men’s wardrobe, and later in women. Details of the design was so elaborate that remains unchanged even now. The specific features of the bombers in a tight cuffs, the same elastic band at the waist and collar, deep pockets at the sides, a handy short form and zip. Some models in addition to zipper has buttons. All these details allow you to retain heat inside the jacket, not missing the cold air from outside.

Contemporary designers in favor of women’s love for variety are complementary to the bombers of different elements. Now jacket comfortable, beautiful and versatile. They can be worn all year round.

How to wear a bomber jacket

In warm time of the year bombers become a decorative part of the image. Glamorous bows get a new fresh color thanks to a carelessly flung over the shoulders of the jacket. Particularly impressive look all kinds of decorations attached on the chest and shoulders, and the inscription on the back.

In spring and autumn bomber can demonstrate its practicality. In windy and wet weather it is securely in the cocoon will keep you warm. Winter is better to choose a model with a hood. Silicone or other warm filler will provide fashionistas with complete comfort.

The original model and combination with them

Fashion designers offer unusual use for the manufacture of outerwear fabrics and decor. It can be lace, and a variety of transparent materials. Also relevant were the patterns of the rhinestones and embroidery thread and sequins. These products will beautify the output image.

Everyday Luke is better to choose bomber from raincoat fabric, denim and even leather. Esteem nylon jacket. Shade in this case doesn’t matter. Bright model will decorate the girl in the spring or enliven a gloomy landscape in winter. More restrained shades will complement any look regardless of color.

Interesting look quilted model. They are often complemented by leather sleeves. The combination of fabrics gives the jacket a special chic. In combination with embroidery, inserts and patches, this method will help to create a unique thing.

Among the derived models for bomber can be called a so-called «jacket of the former». This is the lengthened version of the classic bomber jacket decorated with buttons. Such products typically acquire a size larger and wear the type of clothing oversized. This model included in your wardrobe ladies at an age when a simple bomber seems out of place and frivolous. In this embodiment, the product can be attributed not to the jackets and hoodies. Most often it is made of compacted Jersey with a high percentage of wool and cotton. The neoprene fabric will add strength and elasticity.

Prints on bombers allow to classify them to any style. Sports model for young girls is decorated with inscriptions and animal prints. They can add images of flags or famous brands. The new season will be fashionable bomber combination of contrasting colors. Black and white will remain in the top. More serious lady can afford to wear a jacket with jacquard embossing. Among the actual patterns will be big flowers and ethnic patterns. Any of the options can be worn by combining it with the right things from your wardrobe. Especially 2018 allows you to actively use the principles of the eclectic style and layering.

What to wear a bomber jacket

The relative versatility of the jacket allows it to be worn with a wide range of clothing. If the fashion choice fell on the sports model, it can be worn with skirts styles pencil, sun flare, Tulip, year. Will result in moderately severe and elegant. It is important to choose a long Maxi or MIDI. Jacket allows you to wear tight and flying models of skirts and dresses. Appropriate look all kinds of assemblies and the FPGA. A great option would be the geometric print on the skirt, but monochrome models also will look harmonious. Sets the fringe skirt can vary a white shirt of masculine tailoring, a fitted top or blouse.

Bomber blends in with the pants. Here you can use all their imagination and create an image with culottes, pipes, classic arrow, wide trousers from the hip and from the knee kleshenyh, bananas and skinny models. Each of the styles require certain colors of decor bomber. While the classic form can stay the same.

The versatility of the bomber does not limit choice and in the ranks of the jeans. Here style is also irrelevant, and to choose the perfect combination even easier, as both belong to the same direction. The warm season allows you to wear shorts. The jacket can be draped over the shoulders on cooler evenings. Under a bomber jacket to wear all sorts of shirts and t-shirts. Interesting and organic in that ensemble look a plaid shirt, creating the image of provincialism and romantic simplicity.

Elegant and classic styles of dresses also do not exclude the use of Aviacharter. Even the little black dress will acquire a special charm in contrast with the slightly botulinum bomber. Also, you can safely choose dresses with light flying silhouettes, dress shirt-style, all kinds of sundresses. Most evening dresses can be diluted with twist bomber jacket, shimmering, glamorous decorative details. For this you can choose the model of velvet or other, in harmony with the dress fabric.

Knitted dress machine knitting will also be a great basis for a stylish image. Here, the color palette does not matter. The style of dress itself is in harmony with the style of the bomber.

Shoes included

Bomber creates a slightly oversized silhouette of the upper body. For drawing visual proportions is to use bulky shoes. It can be large boots with thick tractor sole or wedges. But it is not the law. Some images may require a refined elegant shoes: classic pump or a delicate interlacing straps on the sandals. High thin heel or the chunky platform is not important. The main thing – total harmony, balance of proportions and shades of the outfit.

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