What to wear with a turtleneck: 70 stylish and fun ideas for each day

Watching fashion trends, we perceive them as clothes exclusively for podiums. As far as the images that offer us the guru of the fashion industry, suitable for everyday life?

A traditional article of clothing a turtleneck look on the models are absolutely aloof. Simple how ladies can get a little closer your way to the runway version? We offer you a detailed instruction how to combine the turtleneck, to make it look important and elegant in any Luka.

What to wear with a turtleneck

Sweaters do not lose their popularity for several decades. The latest fashion shows all more focused on the fashion 70-ies, when functional tops with his throat was the main element of the everyday onions.

The relevance of winter is explained by the fact that there are virtually no restrictions on its combination with other wardrobe items. It is suitable for all girls regardless of shape, height and age.

MIDI skirt

Skirt below the knee combined with a turtleneck sweater – a versatile decision for every day. If you complement the outfit with flat shoes, you’ll be able to flaunt it the whole day and to be assured of a perfect your mix.

Laid-back look is instantly transformed if you change your comfortable shoes on stylish mules with a heel, and throw on the shoulders of a coat or trench. If the clothing material is quite thin, then add to the voluminous jacket. An indispensable accessory that is just made for modest way, with turtleneck – beret, fashion which comes back again.

Mini skirt

This combination is known in fashion circles since the 60-ies and allow you to create a variety of images, changing only the shoes and outerwear.

The choice of shoes depends on your preferences, any strict rules here. Stylish looks the combination of mini-skirts and sweaters with ankle boots or sandals with heels, Bonforte and boots, even sneakers and sneakers. In any case, your outfit will look perfect.

To choose a top for this outfit is also easy. Complete with coat-a cocoon, a bomber jacket or a cropped jacket is boxy with large pockets, a light trench or jacket made of sheepskin.


Flared trousers

Flared pants another representative of the fashion 70-ies. Today, the trend is more and more tight leggings and skinny jeans flattering, but bell is still considered a current style.

The loose cut of the bottom should be compensated slinky top. A win – win is the turtleneck tight.

Pay special attention to the choice of shoes. She has to be on the platform or heels to the hem of the pants do not drag on the ground. Additionally, this footwear visually makes legs longer.


Without these cropped, tapered pants have not done any outfit of the beatniks of the 50-ies. This combination is popular to this day, when you need to quickly create a stylish image.

In choosing shoes to it along there are no restrictions. Choose the most convenient pair of shoes in men’s style mules with heels or sneakers.

The combination of the turtleneck and pants-bottomed inherent notes of rebellion and freedom of thought, so in this way can not do without leather jackets or jacket of velvet dark blue or black.

Judging by recent shows, gaining increasing popularity of total-bow in dark colors, with a predominance of elements of leather and velvet.


The combination of dresses and turtlenecks from the first sight is puzzling, however, multi-layered images actively promoted by designers from around the world.

The under dress wear not only a shirt, but also shirts, t-shirts, shirts with long sleeves. This trend is only mastered by women, but it is now clear that she’ll settle down for a long time.

The most simple variant – light dress in underwear style and almost transparent turtleneck. It’s a very sweet and feminine, which is also warm and practical.

The other option held by the fashionistas of the 70s. Match a turtleneck bright colors and short A-shaped dress complementing outfit shoes or boots in masculine style.


Speaking about the turtleneck, not to mention images in the style of apres — sport-chic. To pick up sweat pants need to match the turtleneck.

The designers got carried away total-bows and offer a fully white outfits not only for spring and summer and winter images. If you are not ready to such experiments, then stop your choice on the dark blue kit.


Tight thin sweaters are good because they can be easily tucked in. The important contrast between the top and bottom, so the figure looks fragile and feminine.

If to complement a concise coat straight cut, it is ready a win-win option for every day. Streetstyle fashionista combine this outfit with the fashionable birkenstocks, but for our weather conditions is quite suitable comfortable shoes or boots on the platform.

How to choose a turtleneck

From the choice of a particular model turtlenecks will depend on what look you can create with this fashionable and stylish item of clothing. You should pay attention to some important nuances:

  • color in every girl’s wardrobe must be classic black or white turtlenecks. For everyday clothes get more practical options for beige or gray colors.

Owners of pale skin you want to pick a turtleneck saturated and dark shades, in which the face will look bright and fresh. For dark-skinned beauties will fit turtleneck bright colors accentuate the facial features.

  • prints and patterns – combine the turtleneck with drawings with other items of clothing is pretty difficult, so pay attention to models with minor and low-key decor.
  • material – slim girls fit the model of a thin elastic fabric, ladies with appetizing forms on the contrary, should choose jackets of the more dense material that hides figure flaws.

  • the gate is a distinctive feature of this garment, which depending on the height and design can transform an outfit and ruin it. The collar should be high and completely cover the neck. Podvorot cover the neck only half visually shortens her.

Turtleneck is a staple of autumn and winter outfits. Replenish your wardrobe with several models, you can create many unique bows for every day in which will feel stylish and comfortable.

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