What to wear with a pencil skirt? Color and proper combination

Pencil skirt is sleek and elegant staple that should be in every fashionista. Sleek lines and a clear outline make the figure more seductive, emphasizing the natural curves of the body. Dense material will help tighten up problem areas and to reduce the volume.

This skirt helps to visually stretching the silhouette. The legs are longer and waist thinner. Body proportions close to ideal.

How to choose model

In assessing skirts involving several criteria. The length of the model depends on the data ladies. If she has long slender legs you can acquire any along the length of the thing. Slightly overweight legs not necessary to emphasize the length to mid-calf. It is better to choose a skirt just below the knee. Such a condition will make the problem area a few slimmer.

Those whom nature and fitness has awarded a slim waist, you can treat yourself to any one model. The other ladies should avoid high belt on the clothes. Any additional amounts in the abdomen will further enhance the waist. All belts, harnesses, speakers and rough seams must remain at hip level. The drop-waist skirt is the most suitable option.

The fabric is selected depending on the season and the textures of those things that skirt you plan to combine. But we should remember that only the dense tissue is able to create the effect of the bandage, and to shrink extra inches. Thin fabric will not help in the matter of correction.

What to wear with a pencil skirt. Strict rules and General guidelines

For starters, you need to pay attention to the shoes. Ideally, such a model skirts require a heel. Even a moderate heel will generate the desired leg line. But flat shoes can negate the whole effect of the selected image. Between a wide heel, wedge and stiletto better to choose the pin. They have many elegant shoes, sandals and boots.

Pencil skirt black

Initially, such models were applied to office clothes and carried out predominantly in black color. But the stunning effect of such a skirt could not hide behind a Desk, so the «pencil» out on the street, at parties and social events, and acquired a wide palette of colors and shades.

Because of their history pencil skirt black just looks more organic in combination with blouses, shirts and socks. The sleeves on this clothing can be anything. Summer skirt combined with tops made of chiffon, satin or lace. The cold season allows for a tighter top, but not tighter than the skirt fabric. Excessive decorations are not suitable for such images. Pencil skirt in itself is a Prime focus.

Under the black skirt you should pick up shoes in the tone or color of a blouse. Black skirt is suitable not only for office. It will be appropriate for social events and business dinners in restaurants. For parties best fit the model better.

In the cold season way to complement a thick jacket. Accessories must be discreet and be present in small quantities. Bag is best to choose a tone blouse.

Lace pencil skirt

In Luka lace thing should be only one. Since this material is very capricious, it is recommended to combine it with a thin knit. In addition, this skirt requires a careful selection of footwear – the chosen pair must be luxurious and expensive. Decorative items should be limited. Accessories can be used only when they perfectly complement the image, without drawing attention to themselves.

Pencil skirt leather

Leather pencil skirt is an elegant option for true connoisseurs of fashion. Leather is one of those materials that is a function of the brace and corset, emphasizing the elegance of the female form.

Leather skirts are well combined with blouses. You can not restrain yourself and choose not only a modest shirt of masculine tailoring, but also elegant models with peplum frill, ruffles, puffed sleeves, bows. Original will look stand-up collar. Create an alternative look with a leather skirt will help t-shirts and t-shirts. The result is a simple and stylish bow without unnecessary details. These images complement the leather shoes with heels. Among the accessories can be gold jewellery or ethnic jewellery made of fabric and thread. The bag should be simple and preferably three-dimensional.

The color of the top part of the image can be in tone with the skirt or the opposite contrast. If the top does not imply the decorative elements, then he must be made of expensive quality material. Cotton and flax would be inappropriate here, as it will create a RAID of provincialism.

For the cold season leather pencil skirt can be combined with trenches and coats. Also appropriate will look the jackets of leather. To keep warm in winter is to stay on the combination of the skirt with a soft cardigan on top of which is wearing a cropped leather jacket. Alternative could be a short fur vest or coat. Cashmere coat with fur treatment is also able to brighten the image.

As for sweaters, it is better to choose soft models of good brands. Attention is to stop at high-quality acrylic, knit or wool. From American westerns moved the image of a girl in a leather skirt and denim shirt. The basic idea of the image is preserved, only changed parts. The modern pencil skirt is not decorated with fringe and has a smooth shape. Shirt can be as slim and boxy.

Colored pencil skirts


White pencil skirt is the trend of the summer season. The image can be casual or formal, but it will always be soft and sophisticated. The cut of the skirt is compensated by the ability of the white color total. Therefore, in this dress you can forget about the complexes. Beautiful neighborhood for such products will be beige. It can be shoes, tops or outerwear. Bag will be a bright accent, if you choose from color patterns.

Blue skirt requires a black or white top. Footwear better to pick up in tone to a skirt or classic black. The choice of shades for the bow with a blue skirt might be a problem if you threaten to contrasting shades. The best combinations remain blue and black colors. A stretch you can use yellow or red. These shades require support, so the image must be at least 2 pieces of contrasting color. The rest of the palette of colors must be viewed with caution. Time to focus on my reflection in the mirror.

Red skirt will also require a fine sense of taste. The easiest way to opt for black, white and red. Beige color will also make a great party red skirt. Other combinations can do the onions too much. But it will not be in the way of a true fashionista, if the image corresponds to the case.

A bow with a pencil skirt is always a success. Perfect figure and femininity everywhere attract attention and envy. So the wardrobe can be replenished by several models and wear them as often as possible.

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