What to wear with a mink coat?

A mink coat is considered the pride of every girl. In addition to incredibly attractive appearance, it will not give you to freeze even in the most severe frosts.

Mink coat dictates strict rules of combination of the main image and does not allow frivolous selection of clothing. You need to look stylish and luxurious. It is important to thoroughly think through the image, not forgetting shoes and accessories.

Mink coat is not just stylish outerwear. It is a reflection of material wealth and social status of girls. Every fashionista aspires to add to your wardrobe this coat to feel stylish and comfortable.

The popularity of mink coats is pushing designers to create new and new variants of this clothing, and combining it with other wardrobe items. We can easily choose a model with a hood, flared, slim, stand collar etc.

The most popular model with stand-up collar, English, pending collar, boat, Apache, etc.

Stand-up collar – out of competition. This is the best option for the winter cold. It looks incredibly stylish and protects the neck from strong wind and other «surprises» of nature.

Mink coat: this stylish bows and ideas

Closet image, a mink coat worth a pick up depending on style and length of the product. There are 3 main categories that you can divide this outerwear:

  • long coats «on the floor»
  • coats to the knee
  • short coats to the waist or mid-thigh

In addition, consider the colors of mink coats and pick up clothes, slightly different shade.

If you are the owner of a long mink coat, you can wear it under anything you like. For models up to the knee or cropped coats have to choose an outfit that will match the overall style.


To create the perfect look with a mink coat stick to the classic rules, proven by many generations of fashionistas.

Everyday outfits with mink coat, choose a solid knit fitted dress. It will not only accentuate the figure, but also reflect the beauty of the fur and the image as a whole.

For business pick up Luke tweed suit and light blouse juicy or Vice versa, pastel shades. In conjunction with mink coat outfit will look luxurious and aristocratic.

Under a short coat, put on dark skinny jeans and a turtleneck. As shoes, select high boots, ankle boots or boots. The combination of pencil skirt-jumper will perfectly fit the kit to coat any length.

Special attention should be paid to the pantsuit. He goes only with a short and a fitted coat.

«Dress to the nines» – it should look like your image with a mink coat. Every detail is checked for compliance with the style and color combination.

Shoes under a mink coat

The choice of shoes is very important in the creation of the image. If the sweater or blouse is not immediately evident, then the legs will pay attention in the first place.

There is a perception that under a mink coat should be worn exclusively with boots on a thin heel. Indeed, it’s a classic, but apart from that you can find many other options. High heels are not always comfortable and safe in the winter, much nicer to wear comfortable, warm boots or high boots that tightly hug the feet and warm them.

Short coat is perfectly combined with high bottomtime flat. If you want to add a few inches to your height, select shoes with a solid sole or the square heel.

Mink coat and sports shoes

Sports shoes in the way of a mink coat? It is a dissonance and a complete disregard for style? Oh, definitely not. Many women combine comfortable shoes and sneakers with short coats, medium length and look irresistible.

What hat to wear a mink coat

Even the notorious fashionista pulls on a hat when on the street cold and strong wind. The image can wait when it comes to health and beauty. Which hat to choose to look one?

In the dress of a young girl more to look plain knitted beanie than an oversized fur hat. For a more conservative image consider bandana, palantino or a luxurious shawl, the ends of which spread over the shoulders or wrap around the neck.

If you care about your hair or basically do not wear hats, the best option is a coat with a hood. In her warm and comfortable, like the cap.

The classic for Mature women’s mink hat. This combination allows us to give the image of completeness and luxury. Choose models that match a mink coat length of hair and color.


Incredibly sweet and feminine work outfit with elegant hat. Stick with contrast combinations. For example, under a white coat to wear a hat Burgundy color, under black light beige or cream.

Accessories mink coat

Regarding accessories under coat disputes do not cease, however, better skin, no one was able to offer. Elegant leather or suede gloves will complete the outfit with a luxurious fur product and give it an incredible sleek look. When choosing accessories, look at the bags and gloves the tone brighter or darker mink coat.

It is not possible to wear a mink coat

For many fashionistas it’s easier to choose an outfit by process of elimination, that is, to stick to the list of clothes that do not combine with the coat.

To him include:

  • track suits all styles and colors
  • causing major accessories – bulk earrings with large stones, all bracelets on the wrist, etc.
  • boots with fur trim
  • some models of jeans, flared, boyfriend, baggy

A mink coat is the dream of every girl, in which she will feel like a Queen. This outfit fits perfectly for all fashionistas, regardless of shape, height and age. Fur coat allows you to create stylish and elegant images that will amaze those around you with its splendor and elegance.

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