What to wear short sheepskin coat?

In the selection of stylish and warm winter clothing numerous styles of jackets, coats and parkas not compete in front of sheepskin.


It is difficult to find a more versatile and convenient thing in the wardrobe of the city dweller. In winter the clothing is always warm and comfortable, and the variety of styles allows you to add coats almost any way.

Designers offer models that each girl could choose the most suitable and stylish sheepskin.

Among them are feminine and romantic model, biker jackets and bomber jackets, sheepskin style boho and urban minimalism. But the best option for fashionistas leading an active life is a short sheepskin coat, which is considered a classic winter bows.

Sheepskin is a kind of upper garment, made of animal skin. The inner side is made fur trim.

For sewing sheepskin is used most often sheep or goat skin. The skin of lambs, is resilient, and the models from the goat skin is soft to the touch.

Ancestress of modern sheepskin are considered the skins of animals with which ancient man was protected from the cold. Undoubtedly, this is the most durable and natural material created by nature itself. Current technological ways of processing pelts allow you to create coats that are just as good as the first samples.

Better than sheepskin

From the variety of winter outerwear sheepskin is considered the most stylish and comfortable thing. What sets it apart from warm down jackets, sports jackets and elegant coats?


Cropped coats can be combined with a classic business suit and sports outfit. You don’t have to choose for her main image, she looks appropriate in any situation.

With all the variety of styles and trendy solutions, there are a few basic rules of combination short coats with other items of clothing.

Consider the advice of stylists:

  • choosing clothes under a shortened sheepskin coat, prefer a fitted style, flattering. It can be a sweater with a high neck, skinny jeans, leggings, wool or knit sheath dress.
  • if the coat is bright embroidery or applique, the outfit must not contain any decorations

  • adhere to the «Golden mean» – if sheepskin is made in the original style and design, for example, a black biker jacket with colored fur trim or model in Mexican style light brown color, the dress should be decorated in soothing shades of
  • sheepskin bright shades perfectly combined with jeans and boots-timberlands. This is a great option for a teenage girl.

  • the short model allows you to wear under her pants, however, it is necessary to thoroughly consider the style and visual evaluation of the image. If in doubt about the harmony of the outfit, prefer narrow jeans.
  • model of sheepskin with a hood should be compensated by the fitted hem. Will look great combined with a pencil skirt or dress dense knit.

What to wear with cropped sheepskin

Short sheepskin coat is a choice of business, active and strong women who are always on the move. It is convenient to drive a car, getting around the city, Hiking.

Shortened sheepskin is a key element of urban style and is a fashionista or simply casual. This is a start when you select a main image.

With turtleneck

Most short sheepskin styled with a fitted silhouette, so they cannot be combined with volume top, the more oversize. This outfit will be to climb out from under the jackets that will add beauty to your outfit.

Jackets are the optimal choice under short sheepskin. In addition, they are an integral part of office style. In this case, you combine several fashion trends.

As the bottom of the image pick narrow skinny jeans or a fitted skirt to the knees. Shoes – high boots, on the tractor platform or boots.

«Doll» style

Surprise everyone and wear under a cropped coat or lush chiffon pleated dress and soft pastel shades. Dress length can be any, especially popular are the models just below the knee. Shoes pick heeled ankle boots or high boots.

Dresses under short sheepskin

Incredibly feminine and graceful image obtained when the combination of short coats with knitted or crocheted dresses. If the dress is above the knees, the outfit can be supplemented with black leggings or jeans.

Sweaters and shirts

Long sweaters, tunics and shirts in men’s style are present in virtually every way in the style casual. They combine perfectly with short coats or fur. Choose a fitted top, no binding and a large volume of patterns.

What shoes to choose for sheepskin

Not every pair of shoes will look beautiful with short coats. We offer you a few suitable options that are guaranteed to fit your image.

  • under brown sheepskin suitable shoes and boots from suede. They are most similar to the external texture coats. Select a model on the heel, a thick flat soles is to give, it is better to wear under jeans or tight pants.

  • shoes with high heels in the appropriate way with knitted or knitted dress. If the outfit is to be verified in a single color palette. For example, under a black coat choose a light grey fitted dress.
  • patent shoes absolutely cannot be combined with suede and sheepskin. It will be appropriate only in conjunction with sheepskin with impregnation.

  • do not wear a short sheepskin coat shoes with high thin heel. This combination will make your look disproportionate and too massive.
  • ankle boots – a win-win under a shortened sheepskin coat. They look particularly impressive in a business way with classic trousers and a fitted top.

Accessories under short sheepskin

Shortened sheepskin is combined with a voluminous knit scarves. Choose accessories in light shades, which will enhance the complexion and make it more open.

Instead of a headdress throw on your shoulders a downy shawl. Under coats with fur trim and extravagant models choose knitted hats with ethnic patterns. Enhance the image of mittens with the same pattern.

With short coats look great large bags. It can be a roomy bag-the bag in the style of folk or strong portfolio in the style business. Try not to constantly carry the bag on your shoulder. The trace of the band will remain as natural and synthetic sheepskin.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in creating a harmonious image with a short sheepskin coat. Follow the recommendations provided in the article and you’ll always look irresistible.

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