What to wear clothes in a cage: stylish ideas and combinations

In the new season, the designer Marc Jacobs made everyone re-think about the once-popular plaid print. In his spring / summer collection he has focused on cells that, in his opinion, will dominate the fashionable women outfits throughout the year.

Checkered print can be called a classic, however, despite the long history of this pattern, many ladies have not learned to combine it with other wardrobe items.

Modern versions of the cells can be absolutely any color. At the last shows in Paris models took to the catwalk in outfits with red, green, yellow and white print. It was not only decorated the main image, but also accessories – bags, shoes, earrings, etc.

On the wave of an emerging trend on the checkered clothing as soon as possible to figure out what to wear such clothes so that your image does not look stylish and appropriate in any situation.

What to wear with a plaid skirt

Plaid skirt – a win-win for the image of a business lady. This outfit suits tall and slender girls. Designers recommend to combine a plaid skirt with solid turtlenecks or blouses.

Mini skirt in a cage will diversify the image of young girls. Don’t overdo it with the prints and choose as top a plain t-shirt or shirt. The top throw with a leather jacket or a classic jacket.

The importance of color cells. If it is the traditional black and white tones, and the top of the outfit should be cool shades. Select turtlenecks in white, black or gray. Looks great combination of plaid skirts with sweaters and sweaters with large viscous or pattern.

What to wear with plaid pants

Remember that plaid pants emphasize on the legs, so if you have a problem area or an imperfect shape, it is better to abandon this dress.

Plaid pants are not recommended to wear full ladies with type figure «pear». They will make the body more bulky, visually adding a sentiment in the waist area. If you are a a slender girl with narrow hips, then feel free to wear plaid pants.


In the new season, pantsuits in a cage. They combine perfectly with blouses, pullovers and tops.

Note the style of pants. It doesn’t have to be classic straight model. The cage looks attractive in almost any form. For example, a checkered print stylish looks on the skinny pants. Combine them with monochrome t-shirts and t-shirts. As shoes, select sneakers, Hiking shoes or comfortable espadrilles.

Full girls with wide hips are advised to pay attention to the General styles of pants with cell muted shades. The ideal option is flared from the hip. Choose a model with large print, it will visually slim figure and make it more proportional.

Skinny girls should look to the pants with small cell, and fashionable women with type figure «triangle» – to the models with a print medium size.

Plaid pants in contrast to skirts, require additional print blouse or top. It can be embroidery in the form of flowers, arrangement of rhinestones, or beads. However, it is not necessary to flood the image with unnecessary details – 1-2 bright accents in the image will suffice.

What to wear with plaid shirt

Especially love the fashionistas in the new season are plaid shirts. It is an indispensable garment in the wardrobe in the country style or streetstyle. Remember that clothes in small cells can afford only skinny girls. Large print allows you to visually hide figure flaws, therefore it is indispensable for women with curvaceous.

If you combine the shirt with jeans and shoes in men’s style, you get a real cowboy outfit, which the city will look gorgeous. In addition to this plaid shirt can be worn with shorts, skirt or pants. It is important that the bottom of the outfit was solid.

Under the shirt you can wear white top and bottom to tie in a knot or not buttoning at all. As shoes, select high boots, shoes or light sneakers.

It is important to buy a shirt to your size. In some situations, you can select the model one size larger, but not smaller. When selecting plaid clothes it’s also worth considering the type of shape. Chubby girls fit the «male» styles, which combine with shorts, leggings or jeans.

A fitted and feminine shirt are able to emphasize the figure of the slender female. The owners of the type of figure «pear» recommended model with a cage of medium size, as too small of print visually enhances the top of the outfit.

Shades of plaid shirts and the rest of the image should be in harmony with each other. Models with black, blue and grey drawings are suitable for almost any clothes. To clothing specific and vibrant colors to match your clothes need to be more careful.

Cellular things perfectly combined with the accessories in ethnic style wooden beads and bangles with charms, stylish hats with a wide brim.

What to wear with a jacket in a cage

Jacket – an essential element of office style, but his choice should be approached very carefully. Choosing the wrong model, you can visually add to your figure a few unwanted pounds. But if you found your ideal model, it is possible to underline the advantages of your figure.

The classic version, which is suitable for almost all girls, is a jacket in the English cell. This outfit must be present in the wardrobe of just slim and tall ladies. Big women, sorry, this outfit is not recommended to wear at all.

Plaid coat – a bright element to any outfit, so combine it with a plain top and a fitted turtleneck with a high neck blouse or top. Looks good combination of the jacket with jeans of dark shades, a pencil skirt or dress-case with delicate hues.

Plaid clothing is often associated with sophisticated style and strict dress code. However, despite its uniqueness, the cage can look in different images differently. Indeed, this print was first used in school uniform, so-called tartan, but with the stylish cells appeared in the images of young girls as the main decoration casual and office looks.

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