What to give for the New year 2018?

Gifts – this is one of the main factors that make the holidays so bright and memorable. Most thematic photo decorated boxes with gifts. Santa Claus appears at the celebration with his magic bag, in which also lie the gifts. What to give your loved ones on new year’s day?

What should be the Christmas gifts in 2018

The gift was not only useful, but also bore positive energy, you need to pay attention to those characteristics that are endowed with gifts in connection with the symbol of the year. In 2018 is the Yellow earth Dog. She wants the gifts expressed the friendliness, sincerity, emotional balance, chastity, generosity and fidelity to origins.

The element of symbol of the year suggests a color palette that is supposed to bring luck. The shades of yellow, gold, olive, khaki, brown. It is not necessary that these colors were present on the gifts themselves. Enough to pack the gift, respectively. You can choose suitable color carton or Kraft paper for wrapping gifts. Sometimes it is enough only bow color element and even package.

Gifts to parents, grandparents and other adults

Well, if you have the opportunity to find out what motivates people or what they would like. If the preliminary analysis helped to find out what you can give, then you should make a choice in favor of things that will appeal and be useful to all. Fit Terry cloth bath robes or towels. Reading people can give the book in a good cover of dear paper. Women can give a household appliances. If she’s not keen on housework, to stress this feature is not worth it and choose another gift. Let this be an exquisite jewelry box. A good gift will be the bed linen of high quality. Also critical will be the cookware sets and home appliances. Parents should make the expensive and original gift – a ticket to stay.

Gift a young man or woman

The modern young man will surely be happy to have the gadget. He can give headphones for PC or phone, high quality bluetooth speakers, computer mouse. Also pay attention to the Hobbies of the guy. If it’s a sport, he is always in need of equipment and sports equipment. Sportswear famous brand will also be a good gift.

If a young man passionate about music, it would be useful accessories for the musical instrument. Most likely, he is an idol working in the same. This allows you to present it a new drive or a whole discography of an artist.

Among the common gifts for guys are still the belts and purses of leather, scarves, sweaters, organizer. If there is confidence in the coincidence of tastes, you can choose a good perfume.

Despite the prejudices that girls are harder to choose gifts, set of gifts for the fairer sex is much broader. Why is only one range of cosmetics and perfumes. The day cream or the hand sanitizer would be superfluous. The exception would be the situation when the girl has a particularly sensitive and allergic skin. You can also donate scarves, gloves, purses, all kinds of accessories and jewelry. Depending on the location, the girl can give quite intimate things, like underwear.

Baby gifts for the new year 2018

For the kids new year’s events have special significance. They are especially sensitive to the arrival of the New year’s eve waiting for Santa Claus. First of all it is connected with desire to receive the gift. In order not to disappoint the baby, you should consider in advance that Santa Claus will pull out of his magic bag.

Toy stores have buyers dazzled. Not to get lost among the bright boxes, it’s worth remembering what cartoons and fairy tales is fond of the child. It probably will enjoy favorite characters out of plastic or plush, Board games with fairy tale characters, as well as all kinds of bags, stationery and clothes with themed drawings.

Older kids will entice creative kits. Depending on the age and preferences you can choose the kit for drawing on the canvas, unusual mosaic, set for modeling, constructors and puzzles 3D. Girls suit sets for knitting and embroidery. The boys would love to burn and grow crystals. Are universal kits for chemical experiments.

Every Christmas gift should contain sweets. This can be a ready set, which in a broad assortment on the shelves. Or you can build your own delicious gift preferences of a child.

Gifts for the New 2018 your hands

Gifts created with your own hands, filled with special warmth. Such products can be especially useful, since manufacturing can attract the whole family. Interesting and useful lesson, it is necessary to highlight the whole weekend.

Sweet gifts for the holiday

Adults also love sweets. For Christmas gift you need to prepare a bottle of champagne, chocolates round shape in a shiny wrapper, a transparent film, which is used for flower packing, and silicone gun. On the bottle evenly in a circle glued candy to narrowing down to golyshko. The bottle is placed in the tape top tie with string, leaving a tail, similar to the leaves of the pineapple. Thus we get sweet new year pineapple, which is not ashamed to go to visit. Similarly, make Christmas trees out of candy, but instead of champagne as the basis for choosing a cardboard cone. Such a tree can give to a child.

In the year of the Dog should bake cookies in the shape of this animal. In anticipation of the holiday on the shelves you will find a variety of molds for the cakes. Ready delicacy can be coated with colored icing or food color paint. Edible dogs can be offered to guests for dessert with tea or packaging and present to everyone as a little Christmas surprise.

Homemade themed candles

Candle manufacture is quite simple. Just need to put in a little effort and purchase the necessary materials. The most spectacular will be transparent candles that you can place themed figurines, glitter and other festive elements. For this we need to buy:

  • gel wax;
  • reinforced wick;
  • essential oil;
  • cups heat-resistant;
  • a liquid dye.

After simple manipulations you can get a fully functional candle with Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Snowman or snow inside the hut. The easiest way to gel to add a large amount of glitter. With them, the candle in any case will look festive. Such gifts are hard to call, but as a symbolic souvenir to give.


Other Christmas gifts with your own hands

It is also interesting to look homemade wreaths. They are made of cardboard or Styrofoam base to which layers are burlap, twine, spruce branches, cones, toys and tinsel. On top of all this is covered with a thin layer of artificial snow. This decor can give your close friends and relatives.

It is also easy made Christmas candle. This will require transparent cups of thick glass. If you have the skills to paint them with a brush and acrylic paints. If your artistic gift, you can decorate the improvised candlesticks to the snow crust. To do this, mix fine salt with large. Then the edges of the cups smeared with PVA glue and dipped in salt. After drying with a soft brush to brush away the excess. Top of salt is best to spray hairspray. The result is a Christmas candle that can be original gift for colleagues, guests and relatives.

Chosen or made with love gifts will bring a lot of joy to those who received them. We just need to show a little attention and make sure that person hastily bought gift will not be useless.

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