What to give for a housewarming? 70+ ideas for photos

Housewarming is always a joyful event which is often celebrated in a big way. The guests in this case there is a hard problem – what to give to newcomers? After all, the gift should be practical, original and meet the tastes of the owners. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the best gift ideas for housewarming.

Selection rules

Going in search of a suitable gift, it is important to consider several factors. First, consider the size of the new apartment. If new housing is not enough interest, it is clear that large gift for them would be inappropriate. Therefore, large floor vases, huge toys or a room in the tub should be abandoned. After all, this gift will put the owners in an awkward position, because his place will have no place.

Age settlers and their marital status also play a role when choosing a gift. After all, the thing that is able to please a young family might be out of date for older people. The idle man is not worth to give cooking utensils, and a lonely girl is unlikely to be pleased by the punch.

If you decide to give to newcomers home accessories, when you choose to proceed from the General style of housing. If repairs in the apartment is executed in classical style, then here are unlikely to fit a glass or metal design in the style of hi-tech.

If you are familiar with the Hobbies of the owners of new homes, selecting a gift can push off it. For example, the woman who enjoys collecting figurines will be nice to get the original copy.


Practical gifts

If you are invited for housewarming, newlyweds who are just starting to live together, they can be useful for various household appliances: microwave, food processor, mixer, coffee maker, etc. It might be something inexpensive such as a blender or an electric kettle. And if you get together with your friends, then you can buy something big (TV, dishwasher etc.). Only in this case, you need to know in advance, not did the settlers have to purchase such equipment yourself, or give other guests the same.


Win-win option is the crockery, the tea or coffee service, a set of glasses or wine glasses, beautiful wine glasses with the names of owners, etc. However do not forget to specify the hosts, it is possible that they still have from the wedding are kept the same sets.


Vintage bread made by your hands using decoupage technique, can become a favorite kitchen thing is the hostess of the new home.

A practical gift is furniture. But to make such a gift can only close who know the tastes of the settlers and their plans for the situation in the apartment. Alternatively, you can simply give them the certificate for the purchase of furniture in the cabin, which they use at their discretion.

But the textiles can become a gift «trick». And all because the tastes of the home owner and his guests can be different. And what you think is necessary in an economy thing, for the new settler may be a simple dust collector. The exceptions are blankets, towels, Terry bathrobes, which will remind about you.

Lamps, humidifiers or water filters can also be useful in the household. Man is able to please a set of tools, and for the young hostess will be useful for various kitchen devices.

Universal and yet useful gifts can be a coffee table, decorative pillows for couch, stylish, colorful rugs, beautiful sculpture or of the original plants. Of course, to choose such things, only a visit to the new apartment and focusing on the taste preferences of the owners.

Symbolic gifts

If the settlers have been living together and had time to get everything you need for the farm, you can give them a thing that will symbolize the success and draw in their home good luck.

For example, according to Feng Shui, this symbol is water. Therefore, if you want to have your friends everything always went well, give them an aquarium. If they are very busy and have no time to care for fish, a small aquarium with an electronic fish that will not cause any trouble.

Another symbolic gift – a horseshoe, which is usually hung over the front door to the house. It is important, how to hang it. If you do this «horns» up, it will protect the house from evil forces. And if on the contrary, the house will be full Cup.

To attract wealth will help money tree or, as it is called crassula. As an alternative to gift the tree with coins or stones that fit owners.

A symbol of hearth and home will be a fireplace. Today you can find a lot of options that run on biofuels or electricity. To place them even in a city apartment. Another option, which symbolizes fire – a beautiful candle holders.


It is believed to attract good luck in the house can «correct» picture. It can be painted road that is coming up, calm sea with the boat or just a family portrait.

Original and inexpensive to congratulate with the new house maybe a cute figurine of a house, which will be a talisman apartments.

Symbolic gifts

Original and yet inexpensive gift for children will be a symbolic gift. They are appropriate even when the family has been together a long time and managed to organize your life. Such items can include: an unusual frame for a family photo, piggy banks, gift houses, scented candles, plants, etc.

Fun gifts

If your friends have a good sense of humor, it will be appropriate funny gifts. For example, it may be the alarm clock that should be planted to stop calling or no ordinary watch design.

Such Souvenirs can be attributed to a kind of cakes or towel cakes of toilet paper rolls, a pan for baking a fun pancake etc.

Long remember their guests, the owners will if you give them edited the video, made based on photos of the newlyweds with sincere wishes of friends.

If you approach the question of choosing a gift for housewarming is serious, all will be not so difficult. Analyze the tastes and interests of the owners, and their needs and the solution will come by itself.

What do you prefer to give to family and friends for a housewarming party?

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