What names will bring good luck in 2018 horoscope

On a person’s life is influenced by many factors. Among them cosmic energy, the position of the planets and other phenomena not understood by the common layman. Also on the destiny of man is affected by his name, by which to determine a person’s character, his inclinations and fears. These personal characteristics will affect the course of 2018 for each of the inhabitants of the planet.

In the year of Yellow earth Dog the advantage on the side of those who name gives such character qualities as determination, assertiveness and firmness. Also, the Dog encourages candor and sincerity. Creative nature will not get your desired results. It is better to wait for a more favorable year. Also in 2018 will be challenging for romantic natures – they will not find support in his bright feelings. The winners will be practical person with pragmatic views.

Balanced-energetic names in 2018

In this Chapter we will focus on the horoscopes of people with names Diana, Tamara, Vera, Nina, Veronica, Irina, Ekaterina, Karina, Eduard, Vadim, Roman, Daniel, Plato, Paul, and Robert. This year will be favorable for the holders of these names. Maybe their case is not perfect, but definitely better than usual. To succeed, you only need to be yourself and to act according to their principles. The owners of these names need to have time to grab his dream by the tail in this year. Yellow Dog doesn’t like onlookers who miss the right moment to achieve the objectives.

The names of the people inclined to logic and their impact on success in 2018

For people with names Natalia, Victoria, Anatoly, Kiera, Jacob, Anton, Arthur, Cyril, Arkadii, Timur, Artem, Nicholas, Konstantin, Nikita, Vitaly and mark 2018 will also be good. The tendency to think of all the steps will help to make this period as productive as possible. A logical approach to the actions will help to achieve success, but do not impose their point of view to others. Even a logical approach to the issue allows you to make the right conclusions. Should not get involved in disputes, it is enough to silently do their job. Confrontation in solving problems in the new year is unacceptable because it may cause serious conflicts, of which the holders of the above names may not come out winners.

Bossy, assertive, and energetic people in 2018

Names that give people vigor and persistence: Yuri, Alla, Julian, Albina, Peter, Anna, Matthew, Leo, Valentine, Elias, Barbara, Ivan, Galina, Dmitri, Daria, Gennady, Elena, Vladimir, Zhanna, Valentine, Inga, Andrew, Inna, Jana, Love, Julia, Margaret, Juliana, Marina, Tatiana, Maria, Nelly, Hope. For people with one of these names Providence recommends the tactics of focusing on their personal issues. That they should use all their authority and resilience. This year, the successful resolution of the problem will depend only personally from these people. In 2018, all people will tend to perceive the painful attempts to manipulate their own solutions. So the power figures should restrain their habits and control the degree of involvement in the Affairs of others. Especially if no one asks. However, subtle manipulation can benefit. It is important to be sure that no one will notice the impact.

Light emotional people under the influence of his name

Emotional people give names: Oleg, Aliona, Polina and Leonid, Alina, Elina, Valery, Valery, Svetlana, Ludmila, Olga, Lydia, Lily. They should remember that the extra expression of emotion in 2018 could bring unexpected trouble. Coupled with such personality characteristics as aggressiveness, toughness and directness, excessive emotionality is painted in a negative connotation. Bearers of the above names need to train the will and patience for the whole of 2018. Should not be taken seriously to everything happening around. Often to help it is better to encourage a sense of humor. Then a situation in which only the rush of emotion can win the discomfort will be experienced much easier.

Jet names in 2018

Special attention to their habits need to be given to people with the following names: Alexander, Jaroslav, Alice, Philip, Anastasia, Felix, Elizabeth, Theodore, Timothy, Zoe, Taras, Christine, Stephen, Xenia, Stanislav, Larissa, Sergey, Oksana, Olesya, Simon, Raisa, Ruslan, Sofia, Michael, well, Michael, Alexander, Maxim, Alexey, Igor, Arseny, Zachary, Bohdan, Yegor, Boris, Eugene, Basil, Denis, Vladislav, Grigory, Vladimir, Gleb, Slava and George. Fast response, inherent in the people-the bearers of these names will create their owners more problems than benefit. It is necessary to divide in this case a quick and strong reaction. The negativity in the new year is just the second of them. This feature of nature makes people overly reacting to events around. Often the situation is not worth this perception. It is better to treat the situation as a game and not to dwell on the outcome. Only in this case Yellow Dog will contribute to successful realization.

The most successful people in the year of the Yellow Dog on the basis of name

As for the luck, clearly favor the Yellow dog will only appear for certain names. Alenum got the name of the ancient Slavic goddess of dawn. The kindness and gullibility of the owners of this name appeals to a Yellow Dog. So it gives these women good luck in your year. The dog also sympathetic to Irene. They love home environment and have a peaceful nature. In addition, women with this name does not afford any unnecessary relations with outsiders, which is more like the totem animal of 2018.

Tamara is a versatile developed personality. They are caring and disciplined. If Tamara is the mother, then certainly a strict and loving. In the lives of these women helps development of intuition, and in 2018, the Yellow Dog. Nataly in the new year also can expect help from a totem animal. Despite the sensitivity, she is determination, and accustomed to succeed. The love of order inherent in the tat, makes her a darling Dog. Tatiana insightful and smart. These qualities are manifested in all aspects of her life and supported good luck in the new year, help her to emerge victorious from any situation.

Of the men of the Yellow Dog chooses Alexander. It expects an indisputable success in current Affairs. In this year Alexander should think about their own business, as it is likely to be successful. Especially those activities that are associated with the life and family.

Vladimir is one of the favorites of a totem animal. His strong character, intelligence and hard work have played an important role in obtaining good luck in the new year. Vladimir always shows up on time wherever you need. He quickly makes decisions that are logically thought out and calculated.

Victor – the winner not only on the name value, but the degree of luck in 2018. Yellow Dog chooses him for wanting to achieve success in any endeavor. Most of the exploits of the hero associated with the woman, which is extremely impressed by the Dog.

Alex likes to lead. A result of which the Dog gives the success of these men in the financial sector. The idea of Alex will appeal to colleagues and higher officials.


In any case, no one should expect only a good horoscope. You should always strive for success, even if the stars have settled for someone not in the best way.

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