What is «no luck». Samsung filed a lawsuit due to exploding washing machines

The feeling that Samsung announced some PR hunting, only PR in this case is clearly black. The company barely manages to comment on reports of exploding smartphones, among which are also Samsung Galaxy Note7 from a new batch and previous flagships. In many cases, fixed false reports.

Now from the USA reported that Samsung filed another class-action lawsuit associated with an exploding washing machine. Information for owners of some models (the precise list of no) washing machines Samsung top-loading, which were produced from March 2011 to April 2016.

The safety Commission consumer products USA (US Consumer Product Safety Commission, CPSC) confirmed that it received several reports of explosions washing machines Samsung and now together with the manufacturer study the causes. At the moment, the Commission recommends that when washing bed linen, and also waterproof things sensitive mode, because the spin at lower rpm, which improves the risk of injury and/or damage to private property due to failure of the washing machine.»

Texan reported that her machine when the explosion struck the interior partition separating the house and garage. A housewife from Dallas noted that she was very scared, hearing a sound like an explosion. The sources added that Samsung tried to collect and destroy any evidence of the exploding washing machines.

In an interview with CNNMoney a Samsung spokesperson acknowledged that in rare cases, an overload may cause vibration with further access washing machine failure, adding that since 2011, users have made hundreds of millions of washings without any problems.



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