What is fashionable to wear in the spring: Trends 2018

Fashion shows in Milan breathed new colors in the spring collection of clothes, offering fashionable women with original ideas to create trendy and stylish looks.

Cold and the snow is still in full swing, and Milan fashion week has already presented a collection of bright, attractive clothes for spring 2018.

Italian designers are known for their love of colorful prints, glitter and a festive mood. The upcoming season is no exception, showing a maximum of paints and extravagant solutions.

We offer you to discover the fashion trends of the spring season in 2018, which will definitely be relevant for quite a long time.

Flower carnival

Floral prints are already familiar and beaten, but the spring season 2018 offers fashionistas a more relaxed dark shades, a flattering.

Similar prints evoke a sense of romance and mystery to their owner.

In fashion black, brown, Indigo combined with large floral prints.

Floral prints conquered even the most persistent designers. For example, Max Mara presented at Milan fashion week white jackets, dresses and trousers, decorated with drawings in the form of yellow and purple blossoms.

Many floral prints are so bright and colorful, which is comparable only with unforgettable paloposki handkerchiefs, a well-known combination of numerous shades and flowery designs.

The Sophisticated East

Asian luxury with a blend of European restraint breaks into the wardrobes of fashionistas of all ages.

Incredible combination of fur and lace, colorful pseudointima coats and jackets won of the real connoisseurs of fashion.

Fit Oriental costumes reminiscent of a kimono with European nuances, making it more elegant and suitable for everyday wear.


Elegant Japan, colorful silhouettes of Arab, Indian motifs – all this will no doubt be at the peak of popularity in the spring of 2018.

The openness restrained

A new trend 2018 – lowered shoulder line. At the Milan fashion week presented several models with flaps, exposing her shoulders.

Famous designers Christopher Kane, Givenchy, Camilla and Marc challenged the established habits and strict faces of female beauty, to offer a more flirtatious and mysterious images.

The shoulders can be open as much as prefers the girl herself, but within the limits of decency. Other clothing items can be made in the form of draped ruffles or delicate pleats.

Established oversized

The oversize dominates on the catwalks for several seasons and is not going to surrender their positions.

Clothing style oversized cocoon-like smooths the silhouette of the girl, discarding any claims regarding shapes and volumes.

Oversized – perfect for outdoor natures do not tolerate the strict rules and canons. Wear all like that, harmoniously combining thick knitted sweaters, coats, shirts, pants and other elements of the image.

Spring images oversize will allow to emphasize the fragility of the tiny girls and hide or imperfections draping problem areas of the body.

Not established for the cool spring weather choose loose voluminous cardigans and sweaters from knit.

Give preference to things of quality material, which have a smooth structure and is not covered with the subsequently notorious spools. Otherwise, baggy cut clothes, coupled with poor quality material will make your look sloppy.

Stylish jumpsuits: Spring 2018

Thanks to the perfect combination of style and comfort, the overalls have become the preference of many fashionistas.

Jumpsuit allows you to look elegant and stylish at the same time feel more freely and easily.

Jumpsuits versatile clothing that would be appropriate to look at an event and as an everyday look for work in the office.

Thanks to the fashion shows of famous designers, for example, Salvatore Farragamo, overalls once again drew the attention of fashionistas.

Styles spring suits presented in a wide variety of options and styles – trend denim overalls, light elegant jumpsuits for evening outfits with simple cuts and fitted silhouette.

With the first warm day jumpsuits will be gradually moved in the summer of Luke in easy-overalls-shorts.

Denim – denim diversity

It is hard to imagine a more comfortable, practical and versatile clothing than denim. In the wardrobe of every girl there is a pair of denim things out when creating a stylish everyday look.

Things denim can be used as an element of the image or to create mono-bow of denim pants and shirts, overalls, or dresses.

Most relevant in the spring of 2018 will total images denim in denim suits.

Loose-fitting jeans complete with a shirt or denim jacket will become mega-popular in the spring of 2018.

In the new season, denim is not only familiar shade of blue. White, pink jeans embellished with applications of flowers, Mahram and fringe will make a variety of everyday denim images.

A new perspective on pink

After a boring dark shades of winter, so you want to infuse your look with bright notes. The pink color in the spring of 2018 will appear in an absolutely different way, striking in its depth and expressiveness.

Pink color as the main element of fashion palette Pastone, will give your images an aura of tenderness and purity.

Fancy bows, with a predominance of pink hue will give you a calm peaceful mood.

Spring sets with pink color will refresh your image, will add a touch of playfulness and coquetry.

The Shine and glitter of the spring image

«Brilliant» fashion is so vast that to come up with something radically new is very difficult. It seems that the Shine and glitter has been used in shows of almost all famous designers and several pall.

In the spring of 2018 to create an image for a romantic evening or festive events most relevant ultra smooth shiny fabric the surface of which is polished like a sparkling stone.

Beautiful shimmering dress «in a floor» or a Flirty, bodycon dresses made from shiny glitter will make your look really mysterious and romantic.

Fashion dictates strict rules it offers. Our task is to find in numerous outfits of the fashion designers that sparkle that will fit perfectly in your unique and inimitable trendy spring look.

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