What is fashionable to wear in summer 2018?

In the fashion shows of the new season was shown a magnificent original bows from world-known fashion guru. In ensembles is a harmonious combination of classics and novelties.

To create a fashionable wardrobe for yourself, it is enough to study current trends that were showcased at this year worldwide. Their skillful combination in summer 2018 will allow to look fashionable and stylish.

The trends of the summer season 2018

Can create ready-made sets of clothes and recommend each of them to the modern fashionista does not make sense. This will eliminate the uniqueness of everyday and holiday bows. A set of new summer trends will help you look original, while remaining at the height of fashion.

Pop art as the leitmotif of the season

This trend is in abstract patterns on the material. Pictures are particularly vivid and contrasting hues. Similar paintings adorn not only the clothes, but also shoes with accessories. The color palette echoes the hues of the makeup. It is important not to slip into bad taste and to maintain the style.

In the summer season products in the style of pop art showed RAF Simons, Calvin Klein, Delpozo, Versace. Maestros of fashion industry showed how to mix shades and to emphasize the Central part.

Pastel colors

In contrast with the colorful pop art runway subdued pastel total-bows. More brilliant details can become a highlight of the image on a background of soft shades of beige, dusty pink, pale orange. In the ensemble can be combined with several soothing shades or he can wear monochrome in nature.

Eclecticism in fashion

To combine incongruous seems a simple task. However look in these outfits stylish is very difficult. Combinations must be chosen especially carefully. If we talk about the prints, the new summer season allows you to combine plaid and stripes, animal pattern and floral ornament. Stylistic mixing will allow fashionistas at the same time to wear a few favorite things from different directions. It is important that the opposites were still points of contact: one color or one material.

Fringe, as the hit of the season

In the new season, pay special attention to the decor in the form of fringe. In the summer it will be especially thick and multi-layered. Fringe on clothing is heavy and it will be the center of attention. In addition to fringe in the trends recorded in the various ruffles and frills that make the garments to the Royal outfits. Translucent dresses in linen style allow you to showcase the femininity and tenderness of the image.

Lace-up and drawstring

Original and audacious look sorts of lacing. You can observe them as shoes and clothes. Especially sought are the items of linen, decorated with strings. So underwear tops in bra with interlacing straps at the waist in the new season you need not to hide, but rather to show to others.


In the trend sports styles. Clothing does not have to possess all the functional characteristics of sport, just to keep in shape and decor. In the top sports suits, leather motorcycle suits and models like swimwear and wetsuits.

Glitter and feathers for celebrations

Elegant clothing suggests the use of feathers and glitter in unlimited quantities. This is fully demonstrated in her shows of Saint Laurent, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Nina Ricci and Prensa Sharpie. As a result, the images are dazzling and unearthly.

Minimalism on the catwalks of the world


Minimalism has always looked elegant and refined. Irrespective of, it concerns the color or style of clothing. In the shows of famous fashion designers this year can be found retro, minimalist, modern it trends and avant-garde ideas, designed in a sleek style.

«Ugly shoes»

In the summer of 2018 this role gave crocs. They were decorated with numerous badges and put on a high platform. Nevertheless, the basic form and perceptible holes remained in place.

Materials: new and familiar

Among the original trends of summer clothing from plastic. It has a purpose – protection from rain. But modern designers made these garments decorative and included them in their collections. You can verify this by examining the new line from Chanel, Valentino and Balmain.

Among the trends shiny iridescence of the silk and satin. Of course, these materials place high demands on the figure, but you have infinite possibilities in terms of fabrics. Flowing dresses made of satin can make the lady the center of attention at any party.

Despite the summer heat in 2018 in the trend are leather. Especially popular will be the red cloaks that will complement the delicate look of cool evenings. They can be worn with t-shirts, blouses, pants and skirts. Models on the catwalk showed the images where the cloak worn on the naked body.

Summer colors, shades and prints

The summer of 2018 allows you to combine unexpected colors. All recommendations of tsvetoterapii set aside. A bold mix of pink and orange or red with blue now no surprise.

Animal print has remained in the top. Choosing brindle, Zebra or Python, you can become the center of attention at any event. Inspired by the fashion of the 80s, when animal prints were at the peak of popularity, the top designers have released on the catwalk models in their respective outfits. So did Donatella Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Elia Saab, Paul Carrig.

The pink color was forgotten last season, but he noisily burst in new summer bright fuchsia and delicate pink petals. Shades of pink will allow you to choose delicate and feminine.

From the past to the new season is back so-called varenkov. Denim with unusual light stains appeared in the summer collections of Stella McCartney, Givenchy and Balenciaga.

The show in new York introduced in the summer fashion neon green shade. This flashy and vivid color later passed on the catwalks of Paris and Milan in the collections of Gucci and Veronique Leroy. Designers in one voice say about the complexity of this color. Therefore, it must be with utmost care to include in the ensemble.

The classic combination of black and white do not hand over their positions in the new season. In the new collections Lowe, Givenchy, Dior and Cavalli appeared Orthodox combinations of black bottom and white top, checkered, Zebra and even a black-and-white floral print.


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