What hat to wear with padded coats?

Down jacket without exaggeration – the most popular outerwear in cold weather. For Russian winters, he is simply irreplaceable. These warm, comfortable and practical jacket suitable for all women, regardless of their age and figure.

To choose a jacket is recommended along with a hat, as their harmonious combination plays a significant role in creating a stylish winter look. It is worth considering that this outerwear has kept the echoes of a sporty past, so to wear under her coquettish hat with feathers or veils are not recommended.

Despite the fact that modern jackets are not considered as glamorous expensive outerwear, they are not devoid of elegance of shapes and stylish details. A hat that you wear under dutuyu jacket can dramatically change your style and transform a casual look in updated and business.

What to wear with a jacket

Lineup of outerwear is so wide that it is difficult to choose a universal headpiece, which would be a perfect fit in every way. But there are some guidelines that will help you choose the most appropriate model for your face type and style of clothing. We offer you, dear readers, get to know them.

What to wear with short jacket

Short outerwear most close to sports style, so the cap must fit the overall tone of the outfit.

Fashionistas have plenty to choose from:

  • knitted hats with pompoms
  • knitted caps
  • classic model with large and small viscous

In this case, faster and more convenient to choose a cap by process of elimination. Refrain from too bright decorated models and incredible catchy decor with large brooches, with stones, an abundance of crystals, compositions of flowers, chains, etc.

Under short down jacket fit concise model calm shades with slight embellishments in the form of a logo, lettering or small brooches. Especially fashionable is the combination of a short jacket with a cap toe.

Down jacket with fur: how to choose a hat?

The fur fringe on the jacket is a striking addition image, so to add a headpiece with large decor not worth it. It is best for this dress will fit knit cap. Choose a model tight binding of thick or thin filaments. Attractive models with the addition of soft Angora.


If the top clothing, headwear choose a calm neutral colors, and Vice versa.

One of the most feminine headwear – knit cap, decorated with a lush fur POM-POM. In combination with the jacket they look harmonious and very attractive.

Jacket knee: how to choose a hat?

Jacket medium length – versatile model that most frequently becomes subject to the preferences of fashionistas. This jacket is something between a short style, which is not always appropriate in the winter cold, and the long option, a couple of baggy and uncomfortable for an active day.

The length of the jacket just below or above the knees. It is not only comfortable to wear but also very warm. To make a harmonious set with this jacket is not difficult.

For mid-length jacket designers offer a win-win option – a cap with earflaps. The model of this fur headdress – an indispensable accessory in the conditions of frosty Russian winter. It not only will warm in the cold, but will be a stylish addition to any outerwear, not only to the jacket.

The hat looks great with short and medium coats, sports jacket, elegant coat. If down jacket with fur trimming, it is better to pick the hat of the appropriate color and quality.

Long down jacket: which hat to choose?

Long down jacket is not always easy in the fast urban rhythm. So if every day you get to work by bus, it is better to choose shorter options. For those fashionistas who prefer Hiking or have a car, there are no restrictions on the choice of the stylish long jacket.

Under the long jacket fit headwear from knitted natural fur. Binding, the quality and thread density can be any. Here is important wearing style – do not hide under a cap all the hair. Spread the curls to the shoulders or make them easy flowing locks on the side. This will visually balance the figure and give a flirtatious and romantic look.

Choose a cap under a sports jacket

Jackets sports style occupy an honorable place in fashion collections. Especially stylish tracksuits, which create the feeling that you just came down from snowy mountain slopes.

Modern sports jackets look great in urban images. To combine this jacket have original hats with a large knit cable-knit POM-POM or cute ears. No less attractive looks combined with caps decorated with ethnic ornaments.

How to choose a hat color of the jacket?

The main trend 2018 – unity of colors at which the tone caps and outerwear in complete harmony or is characterized by a few shades. It is preferable if the color of the headdress is slightly lighter than the jacket. For example, under the blue jacket pick a hat of blue colour.

Another option is a combination of «down jacket cap» is a contrasting combination. Down jackets dark shades are worn not only with hats of the same hue. For such models will also fit caps dramatically opposite colours (white, beige, cream).

The choice of headgear also depends on complexion and hair. You need to pick a shade of hat, so it is not shaded facial features and not closed them from sight.

Consider your skin color and choose a hat for a few shades lighter. So the face will look more radiant and healthy.

For those with light skin need to choose caps of white, cream, pink. Gray shades should be abandoned, they will make the skin dull and lifeless. Blondes fit headwear peach, light brown or beige color for brunettes – bright vivid colors – emerald green, turquoise, raspberry, white.

Remember – the down jackets are not suitable classic berets, hats of all styles. These hats make a dissonance in the sporty style of jackets and do not look quite appropriate.

The only advice that give stylists a relatively under hats down jackets is to choose several hats in different style and color. So you will always look stylish, and most importantly, comfortable in any weather.

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