What color to celebrate New year 2018?

Every year fashionistas are wondering what to celebrate the holiday. Especially the superstitious believe that the color and model of their attire will depend on the luck in the new year. Others may just want to use the colors of a totem animal, thus creating a unique style for magical nights. Also from the main colors will depend on the table setting and decor of the rooms.

The main principles for the choice of Christmas attire 2018

A palette that offers Earthy Yellow Dog will not be able to please those who are accustomed to bright colors. Totem requires you to use warm shades of sand, which not everyone is able to decorate. But there are some nuances that will help to diversify Christmas bow.

Choosing a dress or suit, do not get hung up on the color. The dog has a number of traits that also are important. For example, the animal is not inclined to materialism and selfishness. Therefore, it is not as important as the color, like style of dress. However bright prints are not welcome. It is recommended to avoid pretentiousness and flashy colors. Even gilt, which allows the Dog to be used in moderation and in muted versions.

Things chosen for the Christmas kit should be elegant and comfortable. Corsets and a variety of decorative loops it is better to postpone for another time. But the excessive simplicity or the image of the «grey mouse» also did not earn the mercy of the patron Saint of the New year. The soft tissue needs to change shiny lurex and taffeta, iridescent play – to give way to deep calm shades.

The color of the element Earth

When it comes to «earthy» colors, everything seems grey and brown colors. In this case it does not. Yellow earth Dog allows you to use all the variety of natural shades. The choice provided by the totem, wide: shades of yellow, brown, beige, gold. To make them richer will help the soft tissue with the tide: stretch satin, silk, smooth gabardine, fine knit. They will be perfectly combined with lace, which looks great in shades of ecru, champagne and dark chocolate.

Also in the palette of shades, according to Chinese texts, you can turn gray, terracotta, orange and the color of wet asphalt. You can use other colors, but they should not be the background or to suppress in the song totem color.

Red color should be avoided. For animals it is associated with fire, which they most fear. But use it in small details is still possible. For example, using shades of red can be identified on the print meadow poppies or berries that will not be a distortion of natural motifs.

Red does not become an outcast in the new year’s eve. He just reincarnated into a more noble and deep shades. Outfit color Bordeaux would be quite appropriate and graciously accepted a Yellow Dog. This shade looks amazing velvet, leather, silk and lace.

Don’t forget about the classic colors: black, purple, green, blue. Though they are not always added to natural tones, all the same will appeal to the patron. These colors represent self-restraint and modesty, so close to the soul of the earth Dog. For those who feel disheartened in such clothing, it is permissible to wear a bright belt or dilute the image of the other bright little detail.

Due to the naturalistic tendencies the main guest of the festival, the trend will be animal and vegetable prints, images of flowers and grasses, a background of heavenly hue. Also in the new year the way can be a lot of khaki, pale pink and Burgundy. If desired, this range can extend warm and cool shades of the listed colors.

The dog is supportive of any shades of yellow: the color of ripe wheat, lemon, sand, honey – all perfect for creating a Christmas image. Green gamma stretched in all shades from pale to bright emerald marsh, and brown presented the whole range from light coffee to dark chocolate.

Alternative earthy hues will be the pastels: powdery, vanilla, ecru, mint, pale coral, peach, milky, dirty pink, cream, lilac, blue. These shades look amazing outfits from light fabrics.

Color of shoes and accessories

A wide range of shades that are valid for use in the new year night is not always possible to apply to shoes and accessories. For example, yellow or brown, rarely harmonize with the color of the clothes. It is worth to highlight shoes classic black.

Beige color of the shoes also has a certain universality. Shoes Nude under most outfits and will allow you to create a visual effect of longer legs.

In choosing accessories advantage of gold jewelry. The dog does not allow the wearing of checkers and short, thick chain, more like a collar. In the top of the pendants on the dog theme: paw prints, bone, or the silhouette of this animal. Also suitable jewelry main colors of Christmas night. Preference can be given to articles of precious and semi-precious stones or wood. The choice in favor of amber in anticipation of the year of the Dog preferably.

Use in clothing simple shapes and calm colors can make the accent on the purse. It might be ash or a small clutch handbag black or beige with gold decoration.

Creativity in Christmas clothes

If the color gamut of the Dog is restricted partially, here is a selection of drawings she outlined very strictly. Non grata will be any images of the cat and various reptiles. It is a hostile totem animal creatures that can bring the owner of the outfit, the anger, the patron of 2018. This includes leopard, tiger prints and Python skin.

Despite the modesty and restraint of the animal totem in the clothing allowed metallic luster. Those who in the main colors lack the gloss and brightness suitable things metallic shades. It does not matter that it will sparkle. You can choose a dress, skirt or blouse. Also Shine silver or gold can handbag and shoes. All the luxury of these shades will give the smooth flowing body fabric: satin, lace, silk.

Given some limitations, Earthy Yellow Dog gives scope for the imagination. The description of new year’s outfits can be worn thousands of bows. Therefore, any fashionista can feel comfortable and confident in the new year’s eve.

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