Western Digital responded to the charges and prohibitions Toshiba

Western Digital issued a statement regarding the recent actions of Toshiba, including a ban on the access of some employees to the databases of three joint ventures with SanDisk, a subsidiary of Western Digital producing NAND flash memory; access to the facilities of the joint venture and the appeal to the court.

Western Digital has confirmed interest in the success of joint ventures, Recalling that over the last 17 years, in the face SanDisk she invested in them a lot of money. SanDisk new owner has assumed all of the obligations as a partner in joint ventures, including the obligation to strictly keep commercial secrets. Therefore, any charges Toshiba in violation of trade secrets, according to Western Digital, are «frivolous and undeserved». In addition, Western Digital recalls that SP continue to work and SanDisk holds 50% of products.

For Western Digital I believe that the actions of the Toshiba can bring damage not only to shareholders most Japanese companies, but also customers.

Western Digital has not received documents relating to the treatment of Toshiba court, therefore, could not comment on it. However, the contracts on SP provided the only procedure for dispute resolution: appeal to the court of arbitration of the international chamber of Commerce. It is known that he already considers the appeal of Western Digital. To arbitration had to consider the situation, the SanDisk appealed to the California Supreme court with the requirement to impose a preliminary ban on the sale of semiconductor manufacturing to Toshiba.

Separately in a statement, the company Western Digital has confirmed its intention to invest in the factory Fab 6.

Source: Western Digital

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