Western Digital reported for the fourth quarter of 2017 financial year and for the year as a whole

Western Digital has published its latest quarterly report. Because her calendar recently ended fourth quarter of 2017 financial year, it was the report for the year as a whole.

During the quarter, Western Digital was able to obtain an income of 4.8 billion dollars. Operating profit amounted to 652 million dollars, and net — $ 280 million. The drafters of the report note that this value, calculated in accordance with GAAP that are less than due to recent acquisitions. The calculation methodology GAAP gives value operating profit of $ 1.2 billion, net profit of 881 million dollars.

For comparison: during the same period of the preceding fiscal year was received income of $ 3.5 billion; operating income non-GAAP amounted to 451 million dollars, and net — 269 million dollars.

As for the figures for the 2017 financial year as a whole, revenue amounted to $ 19.1 billion, operating profit of 2.0 billion dollars, net profit — 397 million dollars. In the 2016 fiscal year revenue was equal to 13.0 billion, operating income of 466 million dollars, net profit of 242 million dollars. The calculation of GAAP gives in 2017 3.9 billion dollars in operating profit and 2.7 billion dollars of net profit. The corresponding values for the year 2016 is equal to 1.7 and $ 1.4 billion.

During the year on share buybacks and dividends was spent 574 million dollars.

Western Digital


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