Western Digital is in court trying to block the sale of semiconductor manufacturing Toshiba

Western Digital announced that its subsidiary SanDisk has addressed in court, demanding to impose a preliminary ban on the sale of semiconductor manufacturing to Toshiba. The fact that SanDisk is a partner with Toshiba in a joint venture, which produces flash memory (to be precise, three such enterprises). Several months ago, Western Digital has applied to international arbitration, claiming that without her consent, the sale of semiconductor manufacturing Toshiba impossible. The current lawsuit filed in the California Supreme court expects to stop selling until the decision of the arbitration court.

According to Western Digital, the negotiating efforts aimed at finding a mutually beneficial option, with the participation of Toshiba and the Japanese government have not yet yielded the desired result. Toshiba continues to prepare the sale of the semiconductor business against the interests of the JV partner and is going to violate his rights. In Western Digital are confident that Toshiba has no right to offer or transfer interests with the JV to a third party and may not enter into any agreement with third parties without the consent of Western Digital.

Source: Western Digital

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