Western Digital introduced the world’s first HDD with a volume of 14 TB — HGST Ultrastar Hs14

Western Digital has announced the release of the first in the world drive on hard magnetic disks with the volume of 14 TB. The novelty is represented under the label HGST Ultrastar called Hs14.

In the corporate segment drive uses shingled magnetic recording (second generation technology SMR) and helium filling of the pressurized zone (the fourth generation technology HelioSeal). Compared with the previous model the storage capacity is increased by 40%, and the sequential write speed is more than doubled.

It is important that the capacity is increased not at the expense of reliability. Time mean time between two failures are declared equal to 2.5 million hours and the warranty period is five years.

The device size 3.5 inch available in SATA 6GB/s and SAS 12 GB/s. spindle Speed equal to 7200 rpm buffer size — 512 MB.

Hs14 Ultrastar drives already available to some partners with Western Digital in the study samples. The start of serial deliveries the manufacturer says.

Western Digital


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