Western Digital appeals to the arbitration court in connection with the actions Toshiba

SanDisk, a subsidiary of Western Digital, has initiated arbitration with Toshiba in the international chamber of Commerce (ICC) associated with a joint venture to produce NAND flash memory.

This step was taken in response to the transfer of Toshiba’s part of the joint venture without the consent of the other party, Toshiba’s Memory for subsequent sale to a third party.

In a statement sent to the court of arbitration of the ICC, demanded to cancel the transfer of the JV of Toshiba Memory Toshiba and ban continue to violate the agreement of the joint venture, transferring the stake in the JV without the consent of the SanDisk.

The hearing will be held in San Francisco.

We will remind, a week ago, Toshiba has warned Western Digital from interfering in the sale of its semiconductor production, assuring that otherwise uses all legal means to stop it.

Source: Western Digital

Western Digital


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