Western Digital announces the creation of flash memory 3D NAND X4, storing four bits in the cell

Western Digital announced the development of flash memory such as 3D NAND X4. This 64-layer memory BiCS3 with a volume layout can be stored in each cell of four bits. To store in one cell, four bits, it is necessary to recognize sixteen levels of charge. Create a new flash memory enabled the experience of the implementation of the architecture of X4 memory in 2D NAND.

The use of technology BiCS3 X4 gives you the opportunity to produce chips with a density of 768 GB, which is 50% more density of such circuits BiCS3 X3, equal to 512 GB.

According to the manufacturer, which intends to show products based on new memory at the August event, Flash Memory Summit, the architecture of X4 will be used in the next generations of flash memory with a volume layout. Nearest of them will be BiCS4 with 96 layers of cells.

Western Digital


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