Western Digital and SanDisk have begun supplying SSD’s Blue and Ultra up to 1 TB

Western Digital and its subsidiary SanDisk began shipments of solid-state storage series of Blue and Ultra, respectively. While available in sizes from 250 to 1 TB, but soon in the line SanDisk Ultra should be a model volume of 2 TB.

The drives use a Marvell controller 88SS1074. For connection to the host is designed interface SATA 6 GB/s.

Along with the SSD size 2.5 inches, included in both lines, in the range of WD Blue SSD also includes a one-way circuit boards M. 2 2280.

Drives the minimum amount demonstrate a read speed up to 550 MB/s and write speed up to 525 MB/s Performance on the operations random access reaches 95 000 IOPS in read mode and 81 000 IOPS in recording mode. The rest of the drives develop a reading speed of 560 MB/s and write speed of 530 MB/s performance on operations with random access, they have up to 95 000 IOPS in read mode and 84 000 IOPS in recording mode.

The price of SSD WD Blue 250 GB is $90, 500 GB — $150, 1 TB — $280. The SanDisk Ultra same amount cost $100, $165 and $280 respectively, and model with capacity of 2 TB will cost $550. All new SSD extends three-year warranty.

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