Wedding pedicure: photos ideas for the perfect celebration

Think about your wedding image girls begin long before that an important and happy event. Rightly so, because in this day everything should be «on top», and rigorous evaluation are even the slightest details.

Besides the white dress and veil, makeup and hairstyle, beautiful bouquet, and other attributes of the occasion must be give attention to wedding pedicure, which should be a harmonious part of the whole image look elegant and gentle.

The classic version, which looks attractive and delicate this manicure and pedicure, made in the same design. Some brides do not give much importance marigolds on my feet, believing that under the closed shoes and stockings they will not be visible to others. However, during the celebration often hold contests where the bride will have to remove your shoes, so it is important that the pedicure looked flawless.

Wedding pedicure: differences and peculiarities

Despite popular opinion, wedding pedicure is significantly different from your everyday nail art. The main feature festive design in natural shades of lipstick and thematic patterns.

Experienced nail specialist is recommended to choose shades of nail Polish based on the wedding dress and its elements. It is often pastel colors, different maximum natural pink, peach, beige.

As for the drawings, here there is virtually no limit. Many brides portrayed on the nails of animals, birds, floral, geometric prints, abstraction, monograms or lace.

The followers of the classical techniques of nail art will suit a French manicure, where the main color will be pastel nail Polish shades and the nail edge is accented by a thin white line.

Prepare the legs of the bride to the wedding pedicure in advance, at least one day before the celebration. For carrying out this cosmetic procedure, many girls choose pedicure, which is suitable for daily use and for special occasions.

Pedicure is not only a universal procedure, but also very comfortable. The bride will not need to spend a lot of time on the feet steaming and processing of the stop blade, this will make sander.

Before going to the master courses you must consider all the details of the future design of nails. This should take into account the following recommendations:

  • colors. The main feature of wedding pedicure is tenderness, beauty and naturalness, so the best option will be classic French. However, many brides use for their nail art is not traditional in this case shades. Increasingly on their nails you can see bright vivid colors with lots of jewelry and prints.
  • decor – wedding pedicure is permissible to use sequin appliques. Rhinestones should choose small size, so they do not interfere when walking in closed shoes.


  • the choice of nail Polish. If earlier the only option for brides was the use of ordinary decorative varnish, you can now use a more long-lasting gel lacquer and bio-gel. They are more rich colours and they stay on nails for up to 20 days.

Wedding pedicure 2018: fashion trends

During the wedding celebrations the bride is always the center of attention, so every detail of her image should be adjusted, based on the total outfit and the color chosen for the wedding. Manicure and pedicure is not only based on personal preferences of girls, but in accordance with popular trends in nail design.

Most brides prefer the classic design of nails on the hands and feet, however, the most extravagant and daring fashionista make bright pedicure with extraordinary design.

Classic wedding French

If you don’t want to experiment in such an important day, I will opt for a French manicure. French elegantly emphasizes the tenderness and beauty of the bride. Experienced nail specialist recommends supplementing natural pastel shades of varnish bright elements. This classic white stripes replaced by blue and red.

Wedding manicure in gold color

Metallic shades of gold and silver have become incredibly popular not only in everyday manicure, but in the wedding. This design will perfectly fit the image of a brides dress and accessories which are of a brilliant hue.

To fulfill bulk nail arts with «gold» coating is not necessary, as the pedicure will be ruined under closed shoes bride. Make a plain pedicure with glitter of «gold» and «silver» in several layers or use the magnetic gel polishes, known for its richness and depth of color.

Wedding manicure with lace

No wedding is complete without delicate lace. It is not only the dress and the bride’s veil, but also on the hands and feet. Some brides used for decorating nails, pieces of lace, this design looks very harmoniously and gently.

Openwork is done pedicure with gel Polish, which allows you to create almost any picture or pattern. Incredibly soft and beautiful lace, made with acrylic powder. Also popular aquarium design decorated with stones and crystals.

Wedding pedicure: photos design ideas

Among the huge number of options for the design of nails, a special place takes up the bulk of the decor, which is applied on synthetic nails. Looks like this design more than elegant, however it is worth remembering that the use of acrylic spoils the natural nails. Besides wearing this design for a long time, you can not, it will constantly get in the way. All the flaws pale before the magnificent view of this wedding nail design, rich sparkling rhinestones, large flowers and patterns.

Today, many weddings are conducted in accordance with a certain color. Often use blue, red, yellow the colors that are present in the elements of the image of the bride and groom. For such occasions suitable extraordinary nail art with catchy colors and decor.

If you want to make a lasting impression on the guests, then choose a new direction in the design of nails, called a pedicure nail art. It is a design with art painting paints and brushes. The pattern is selected in accordance with the style of the wedding. Often, the nails of brides can see the wedding rings, doves, original inscriptions or initials of the newlyweds.

This is important for every girl should not experiment and hopes on our own strength. From the bride only needed the idea with respect to a perfect pedicure, and embody it in life it is better to entrust an experienced nail technician.

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