Wearable device BACtrack Skyn will tell you how much you can drink not to lose the right to drive a car

The idea is to give the watch straps additional functionality is not new. There are similar solutions that can turn an ordinary mechanical watch into a kind of smart.

But the strap BACtrack Skyn is designed to extend the capabilities of smart watches Apple Watch. He has a special TRANS-dermal sensor that is capable of «passively, accurately and close to real time» to determine the level of alcohol in the blood. In addition, it can give the user an idea of how his body metabolizes alcohol and when to stop the consumption thereof in order to avoid the consequences.

The device can even alert the owner when it is close to the limit beyond which it is impossible to get behind the wheel of a car. Probably, the developers have positioned their offspring for those people who can’t indulge in a glass of beer or wine, but don’t want to break the law and risk life and limb behind the wheel. The device will cost $100. It should be noted that it can be worn without the Apple.



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