We see examples of pictures taken with the camera of the smartphone OnePlus 5

According to available information, one of the features of the smartphone OnePlus 5 will be a dual camera. In the network appeared the first pictures taken with this camera.

Analysis of the EXIF data showed that the device is the index of the A5000. This is the same index that is specified for OnePlus 5 in the database of the Chinese regulator.

The resolution of the original images is 4640 x 3480 pixels.

Blur outside of the DOF area can be regarded as confirmation that the images are made double by the camera.

The coordinates stored in EXIF, allow us to conclude that the photos are made in China.

Note that EXIF data can be edited by a third party program, so their accuracy should not be trusted unconditionally.

Source: WCCFtech.com



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