Waymo says goodbye to unmanned cars Fireflies

Waymo company not only owns the largest number of unmanned vehicles, but is the only one who has created one such model from scratch. More precisely, at that time, was engaged by Google, but essentially it does not change.

Compact cars Waymo are called Fireflies. It was the first Autonomous cars appeared at Google (and then moved Waymo) in large quantity. But now it became known that Waymo gets rid of them.

Initially this car was created as a platform for experimenting with relevant technologies. And now the time has come when she Waymo no longer needed. The company will cease to use Fireflies, totally concentrated on the introduction of automated driving technologies in regular production cars. Among other things, this will allow Waymo to offer to third parties such technology. Indirectly, this may indicate that Alphabet left the plans on creation of unmanned vehicles and will deal only with the relevant technologies. By the way, you may recall, the rumors were credited with the same solution and Apple.

At the moment, the main Waymo cars are minivans the Chrysler Pacifica, which has 600 units. As for kids Fireflies, they will be sent to various museums and exhibitions.

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