Waymo has reduced the cost of the technology is automated driving

The division of the Alphabet company Waymo, which continues the development of the project self-driving car, said that she intends to offer their products to the producers million vehicles worldwide.

Chapter Waymo John Krafcik (John Krafcik) said that they significantly reduced the cost of main system components that enable vehicles to navigate without driver assistance, but also once again increased the safety of the autopilot.

This month Waymo and Fiat-Chrysler will start testing on the roads of California and Arizona unmanned hybrids minivans Chrysler Pacifica. Before the Google car drove through the roads of more than 3.2 million km.

As for reducing the cost of technology, now the price of cameras, radar, rangefinder, and other components descended from the original price of 75 thousand dollars to more than 90%. The Krafcik added that Google has created a new laser rangefinders that allow you to see people and small objects located both near the car and at a great distance from him.



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