Waymo has filed a lawsuit against Uber, accusing it of stealing technology

Waymo, a division of Alphabet, which is engaged in self-driving cars, has sued Uber, accusing it of stealing technology.

Describing the situation, Waymo explains that in fact, its technology was stolen by employees of a startup Otto, who recently acquired the Uber. It is, in particular, about a former Google employee Anthony Lewandowski (Anthony Levandowski) who stole a large amount of confidential information that describes the system is a laser rangefinder used in unmanned vehicles Waymo. The lawsuit says 14 thousand files with a volume of 9.7 GB, the list includes sketches, drawings, test documentation and so on.

According to the Waymo, a laser rangefinder is one of the most important components of the technology of unmanned vehicles. The principle of operation of the range finder is reduced to the construction of three-dimensional picture of the surrounding world with the help of a large number of laser beams which are reflected from obstacles and come back in different time intervals.

Waymo adds that the other former employees of Google who are now working at Otto Uber, also stole a variety of information from the vendor list to details about the production process.

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