Waymo first brought to public roads Autonomous cars without a driver behind the wheel

Just a week ago we reported that the company Waymo came to the conclusion, according to which Autonomous cars should not transfer control to the driver even in emergency situations. Moreover, the company has demonstrated in the unmanned version of the Chrysler Pacifica.

And now it is reported that Waymo first switched to a whole new stage of testing such machines — testing without a driver! And it’s not just tests, and tests on public roads.

It turned out that since the middle of last month on the road Arizona was released Waymo unmanned vehicle, in which driving is not insuring the driver.
Yet absolutely no human presence is not complete, but the employee is now back. In fact, this is the fourth level unmanned aerial vehicle, implying that the car can move independently without attention of the driver in most driving conditions.

The source claims that shortly Waymo will invite everyone to ride on such cars that ordinary people were able to experience the features of unmanned vehicles.



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