Waymo calls to ban all testing of unmanned vehicles Uber on the basis of new evidence in the case about theft of technology

Last month, the company Waymo responsible in holding Alphabet for unmanned vehicles, have filed a lawsuit against Uber, accusing it of stealing technology. Uber has called the allegations slander and expressed readiness to defend themselves in court.

As it became known, Waymo filed an official statement with a request to block all testing driverless cars Uber.

We will remind, the essence of the problem that former Google employee Anthony Lewandowski (Anthony Levandowski) in December 2015 allegedly downloaded approximately 14,000 files related to the projects of unmanned vehicles of the company. In total he stole about 9.7 GB of data, including 2 GB of data on the LIDAR technology.

In January 2016 Lewandowski founded the company Otto, which began to engage unmanned trucks, and after just six months Uber has acquired Otto a lot for such a young company 680 million dollars.
Waymo provided the court with new evidence of guilt Lewandowski, and hence formally and Uber. In particular, his testimony gave one of the engineers of Google, who along with Lewandowski founded 510 Systems. And even then, Lewandowski mentioned the desire to create his own company to borrow, and technology associated with LIDAR, Google.

In the end, if Waymo can prove that Uber has acquired the startup Otto after he learned about the latest stolen technology, Uber faces serious problems.

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