Waymo believes that Autonomous cars should not transfer control to the driver even in emergency situations

Today on the technologies for self-driving car has many companies. Some of them previously had no relation to the car market, and some were created just to work on such technologies.

Waymo company, formerly part of Google, is working in this area longer than most others. Unfortunately, no direct comparisons of the development of different companies, but probably just at Waymo at the moment the most «advanced» technology-driving, although Tesla obviously can argue with that.

Anyway, at the last California event Waymo demonstrated a fully Autonomous car Chrysler Pacifica. In 2013, the company, through multiple tests, I came to the conclusion that all finding yourself inside a moving car, people behave like passengers. After a time even the nominal driver relaxes and begins to go about their business. It is logical that the transfer to such person management in emergency situations is impractical as it simply does not have time to react. It is for this reason Waymo believes that unmanned vehicles should not imply the transfer of control to someone of the passengers, so the company stopped work on the relevant features and technology.



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