Waymo and Intel are joining forces to work on unmanned vehicles

Intel issued a press release in which it said that it joins forces with Waymo with the goal of creating unmanned vehicles 4 and 5 level. This means the full ability of moving the car without the driver in all conditions.

We will remind, in the spring of Intel over 15.3 billion dollars acquired the company Mobileye, whose technology is most often used in the creation of unmanned vehicles. Waymo is no exception, so that the processor giant is quite rightly in the press release suggests that Waymo uses its technology.

As for the substance of cooperation, it is only one line. It is said that Intel will provide the car Waymo additional computing power. Simply put, the company will provide partner with new technologies, including the development of Mobileye.

At the moment the car drove Waymo a total of almost 5 million km.



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