Waterblock Alphacool Eisblock HDX-3 is designed for SSD size M. 2

The company introduced the Alphacool waterblock HDX-3.

It comes with a PCIe x4 add on card and designed for SSD size M. 2.

According to Alphacool, the heat dissipation from a storage device included in the M. 2 slot on the motherboard may be difficult, while using the expansion card solves that problem.

In addition, this option can give performance gains if the M. 2 slot is divorced only two lines PCIe, and especially compared to the SATA. Connection PCIe x4 allows you to get the bandwidth 3900 MB/s.

The waterblock is designed for a standard some quarter-inch connection.

Moreover, the HDX-2, also completed the expansion card and representing a set of two radiators, attached to the card with SSDS on both sides.



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