Water-resistant external SSD Adata SD700X has a volume of up to 1 TB

At CES 2017, Adata has demonstrated SSD external SD700X, which became a modification of the already last year’s model SD700. From her novelty is the reduced size, firmness to shocks and impacts liquids have been preserved.

The SSD Adata SD700X was unnamed SiliconMotion controller in conjunction with flash memory 3D NAND. Apparently, the performance when transferring data has not changed and reaches up to 440 MB/s, although the source indicates the usage of USB 3.0 interface instead of USB 3.1, the final specifications will shed light on this question. This line includes drives with capacity of 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB, the manufacturer directs them to the owners of gaming laptops.



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