Water manicure: how to do a variety of drawings, the complexity of the work

Recently among fashionistas began to gain popularity unusual technique of coloring nails – the so-called water manicure. This is a great way to make your nails neat and manicured, provided that the procedure is performed according to the rules.

Water manicure at home step by step

Studying the nuances of technology, we can safely make such a manicure at home. You need to prepare the tools and means: a few favorite shades of lipstick, a container of warm water, a needle (a toothpick). Just in case next you need to put remedy nail Polish remover or wipes.

Step by step instructions:

  • The area around the nail must be covered with tape or band-aid. You can also use a thick cream for this zone.
  • The water should be slightly warm. Poured into a shallow glass. In such water the varnish will not hide and will lie smooth thin layer.
  • Previously the nails should apply a base. If you expect a delicate manicure, the base must be transparent. If the nails will be bright, it is better to choose the white base. Base applied in the usual way with a brush.
  • Pattern first emerges on the surface of the water. For this you need to drop into the water one of the flowers, wait for him to spread a uniform film on the water surface, and drip the next color. With a needle you can create interesting silhouettes and divorce, which then moves to the nail plate.
  • The most important step: you need to dip the finger nail down to the location on the surface of the water, where the drawing was most successful. This is done in one motion. Not for a long time to hold your finger in the water. Removing the finger, need to be carefully removed with cotton or sponge the excess varnish around the nail. After that, the procedure is completely repeated with each of the remaining unpainted fingers.
  • Drawings for water manicure

    Water manicure involves numerous variants. Even the same colors and trying to create the same stains on the water will not be able to accurately repeat the pattern in the previous nail. What can we say about the attempt to create an identical manicure another girl. By using a water manicure, you can draw all sorts of shapes: stripes, hearts, waves, all sorts of curves and even ethnic patterns.


    This romantic manicure is a snap to make. It is enough to follow the scheme. The rest of the steps remain the same. Obviously, for this manicure is best suited lucky red and white colors. But extravagant ladies can try to combine unusual colours.

    Manicure Neon

    This manicure is characterized enchanting brightness. It will require from four neon colors: yellow, pink, blue and purple. You can find them, for example, in the collection EL Corazon® “Vivid I”. These colors are perfectly combined among themselves and will be the perfect collection of shades for those who like nail Art. For this manicure technique was used in «stamping». It lies in the fact that the pattern on the water not sinking the nail, and a special tool. This allows you to more accurately place the image on the plate. For a more spectacular view complemented by a manicure with rhinestones.

    Manicure with UV effect

    Bright manicure will definitely create a good mood. Especially if it still glows in the dark. To create this effect you need to get a special varnish and repeat any of the techniques of reproduction water manicure. How nice it would be to surprise everyone at a summer party outdoors or a festive gathering with friends at the club!

    Mirror coating

    Interesting and original looks water manicure where one or more coatings has a mirror-like properties. These modulations, the opaque colored lacquer will create a unique effect on the nails. Mirror coating suitable for a simple water manicure and its variants with the stamping.

    The original «leaky» manicure

    To create this variety of water manicure, you will need additional equipment – a small spray bottle. The smaller it is, the more effective will be the result.

    In the first stage is applied to the nail base in bright lacquer. Let him be, for example, bright pink. After drying, the nails need to prepare the second layer. This requires warm water in a glass and black lacquer spray. Nails prepare as before with tape or cream.

    In the water drip a few drops of black nail Polish to create a dense layer and saturated colors. After its distribution on the surface of the water you need to take a spray bottle, fill it with a little ecocities and from a distance of 30-40 cm splash on black film. As a result, the film appears a few holes with ragged edges. They need to move on nails, painted pink. This is done as before, by dipping one or two nails into the water parallel to its surface.

    The result will delight the most picky fashionistas through the black coating on the nails through the ragged hole is clearly visible pink nail Polish. This effect is impossible to achieve by drawing with a brush. And the nail sticker in this embodiment, is not easy to find.

    What problems can arise and how to solve them?

    There are a number of troubles that can catch inexperienced manicure. For example, drops of paint spread over the surface and roll off. The reason for this may be a great distance, from which flies a drop of the varnish time to dry. Distance to water should be a maximum of 3 cm There are situations where this condition does not help. For example, if the paint is old or of poor quality.

    The varnish can go on the nails uneven lumps. It is caused by too high water temperature. In this case, you need to start a manicure again, using more cold water. The ideal would be a liquid at room temperature.

    It is worth remembering that the first time a perfect aquatic nail Polish, most likely, will not work. You need to fill out and analyze all the factors of the behavior of chemicals in contact with water and the surface of the nail. Only then can you expect good results that will surprise others and will please the owner of a fashionable in the new season manicure.

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