Warm countries in the winter. Where to go for those who want to warm up?

Those who do not like to spend the winter holidays in the snow and frost, you can find dozens of places with a wonderful warm climate. Here, even in the coldest months you can lie on the beach and enjoy the warm surf.

Paradise Maldives winter

Many girls in their dreams of the fairy Prince represent someone who can give them a journey to the heavenly Maldives. Yes, and most men not mind to go there at least once.

This fabulous place is really worth to visit here. Entertainment is endless: gourmet food, sunbathing, diving, ray feeding from the hands of the submarine allowing you to dive to a depth of 40 m and to see the giant tortoises. In the evening on the Atoll Vaadhoo lights up the ocean and this place is best for romantic evenings.

Maldives is best to fly in February. It was at this time the tickets will be cheaper by 20% than usual. Choosing such a journey, it is better to think in advance about what the country will get, Muslim. The customs here are demanding from women a more modest behavior. Also, do not take out chunks of coral is prohibited. The rest of restrictions on the pursuit of pleasure in the Maldives no.

The beaches of Brazil for everyone

On a hot beach of Copacabana in downtown Rio de Janeiro, you can forget about the Russian winter and dive into a world of endless Sunny days and sultry southern nights. There is no less sultry Hispanic woman sunbathing in a micro bikini. At them from the top of the mountain looks Christ the Redeemer is a world famous symbol of Rio de Janeiro.

Near Copacabana stretches another popular Ipanema beach. Here are located the most luxurious mansions of the local rich. In the South of the city there are hotels for families. For those who want a sporty drive and youth entertainment is better to go to the Northern part, where the beaches are chosen by surfers.

Diving enthusiasts should visit Fernando de Noronha. Here on the volcanic Islands to the thrill of paintings of water depths. The water off the coast transparent. Here you can see the most exotic representatives of the oceanic flora and fauna. Besides beaches in Rio there are many old churches and other great places to visit.

In February, in Brazil you can get to the famous carnival. It’s an amazing spectacle of colors and sounds. If you buy a ticket for a couple of months before departure, you can save up to 15% of the normal cost. But if you want to get here in December, there was a risk to pay more for flights of more than 50%.

India for the brave and curious

Vivid India will bring to life a tourist incredible number of new experiences. This is one of the countries in which it is possible to observe an infinite number of contrasts and things unfamiliar to us. Here you can feel the frailty of existence and to rise to new cases. On the Northern beaches of Arambol, or Anjuna, you can watch the magnificent sunsets. Here rest those who love traveling on a budget. These places were overrun with hipsters and downshifters. Those who are willing to invest in the rest you should pay attention to the southern part of the country Palolem beach. Come here for a private sun loungers and beach service. This beach gives tourists the turbulent waves. Soft warm surf brings peace and harmony. If relaxation seem insufficient, you can give your body in the hands of Ayurveda massage therapist.

About India goes a lot of rumors. Unsanitary conditions and infection is the first thing to warn tourists. Not so sad, but still precautions are better to take. Frequently wash hands, vegetables and fruits. Also in any case can not drink tap water.

In December a trip to Goa can get to spend 70% of the cost of the ticket. So for this trip it is better to choose February. At this time prices for flights and accommodation are below the average.

Sri Lanka: a bronze tan and an abundance of seafood

In South Asia, on the same island with him is the state in which you spend one of the most memorable vacations in my life. Sri Lanka is famous for its beaches, abundant seafood and spectacular hot climate. In addition to an idle lying on the beautiful Bentota beach, is to visit the world famous tea plantations this property. Also interesting to see how bathing a small baby elephants in the orphanage, Pinnawala.

The people of Sri Lanka is particularly sensitive to their culture and religion. Therefore, when visiting local temples, you should dress as modestly as possible. Also here do not like all kinds of photo shoots and selphie with statues of deities. As seen on the body of the tourist tattooed God can even become a reason for deportation.

For surfers is a recreation of Hikkaduwa. Here the great outdoors professionals and also learn the sport to beginners. In the South of Sri Lanka is worth visiting by lovers of underwater swimming. Sanarov deeper, you can find huge tortoises and wondrous fish of all colours of the rainbow.

Choosing the best tickets for February. During this period, you can save up to 10% of the average cost. The most expensive flights to Sri Lanka will be in December – 25% more than usual.

United Arab Emirates: exotic, sand and camels

Once the Gulf gets opened impressive oil deposits. After that, the deserted area was transformed and turned into one of the most expensive coastal cities in the world. Most tourists attracts Dubai. Here you can find quite affordable accommodation options, and entertainment.

For those who are willing to leave large sums can be offered to use the original transport that bring tourists to the beautiful beaches of Atlantis. There are free beaches of Jumeirah Open with a magnificent view of the world-famous hotel Sail. Also in water you can play volleyball or fly a kite. Budget option would be Sharjah. There is no alcohol, as there is prohibition. For some it will be of benefit to the resort as eliminate additional expenses. To enjoy the beautiful underwater world, you need to move to Fujairah. Here you can dive with the scuba under the water. Lovers of shopping are recommended to go to Abu Dhabi, where it won’t save because of the endless temptations in the form of luxury brands and known brands.

To get the most of your trip, it is necessary to remember that the water on the beaches of the UAE in the period from October to April can be cold (18-25 degrees). But the temperature is comfortable (to 35 degrees). December and January will allow you to save on tickets, but the flights in February will be 15% cheaper than its average annual value.

Get pleasure from the warm countries in the winter are many. Just select a suitable route and to determine additional training, which would be attractive abroad is for you.

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